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Woman's Cause Shall Win.

Song performed by: Leslie Beukelman, Jameela Huq (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

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Dr. Horace B. Durant.

1. The conflict deepens o'er the land;
'Tis one of woman's might,
And she is firmly moving on
To battle for the right;
Once more her voice rings clearly out,
To lift the race from sin,
And who can fail to plainly see,
That woman's cause shall win.

2. The clans of liquor ne'er have met
Such wondrous foe before;
And they are busy canvassing
The prospect o'er and o'er.
Yet, view the question as they may,
Thro' whiskey, beer or gin,
They must confess the truth at last,
That woman's cause shall win.

3. Man boasts that he controls the world
With mighty hand and brain;
But woman's heart is mightier far --
'Tis heart at last shall reign.
The one who is selfish at the best;
The other is akin
To heaven itself and that is why
This woman's cause will win.

From Prohibition Party Campaign Songs, by per. of Mrs. H. Abraham Durant, Publisher, Philadelphia.