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Campaign Song.


Song performed by: Chad Sheridan (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.


AIR -- "Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching."

Come ye freemen join our band,
'Tis the rag baby's command,
For he now a strong and mighty man is grown;
And, contending for the right,
We are now prepared to fight,
Till the wicked power of money is overthrown.

CHORUS: -- Tramp, tramp, tramp, we will not falter,
Cheer up! for our cause is right,
With the ballot in our hand,
We will yet redeem the land,
We will put the sons of darkness to flight.


Our Rag Baby's grown so fast
The old parties stand aghast,
Now they see the little chap can stand alone,
Oh, to see his fearless walk,
And the way he's learned to talk,
How 'tis waking up the miser and the drone.

CHORUS: -- Tramp, tramp, etc.

Some have hardly yet made choice
Where to give their vote and voice,
For their confidence, bewildered quite, is led;
Now while on the fence you ride,
With the mire on either side --
Come along! the Greenback platform's just ahead!

CHORUS: -- Tramp, tramp, etc.

When I first came on this boat,
"Oh!" said they, "you've turned your coat,"
But my motto ever was to "Live and learn,"
When I came to look about,
Lo! I'd worn it wrong side out!
Finer coat I wear by reason of the turn!

CHORUS: -- Tramp, tramp etc.