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25. Almost Persuaded.

Almost persuaded facts to believe;
Almost persuaded truth to receive;
Starve us a little more,
Masters, we thee implore;
Closer the lines you draw
Sooner we'll see.

Almost persuaded dangers to brave;
Almost persuaded, misguided slave;
Dare we our rights to take;
Dare we our chains to break?
Poor, wretched souls awake;
Soon we'll be free.

Almost persuaded, come, come today;
Almost persuaded, fear not to stay;
Changes are drawing near;
Tyrants begin to fear;
Join with us, now and here;
Turn not away.

Almost persuaded, truth dawns at last;
Almost persuaded, leaving the past.
Almost will not avail;
Almost is but to fail.
Joyful the news we hail —
"Won o'er at last."

If you lie down, the world will go out of its way to drive over you; but if you stand up and look severe, it will give you half the road, at least. — Uncle Ezek.