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John P


The Silver Convention of June, 1895.

Springfield, April 16th, 1895.

Albert, G. Webber, Attorney at Law,
Decatur, Ill.

Dear Mr. Webber: — I have read your letter several times with care and am inclined to think that on careful examination you and I would not be so very far apart in our views on the money question. But it is not necessary at this time to go into the detail of the subject very far, because the first question we are confronted with is whether or


not the country shall submit to the absolute dictation of the Eastern manipulators who control the President and whether the country shall, without a protest, accept the single gold standard and protract indefinitely the universal depression and business paralysis prevailing throughout the world. As I understand it, the State Committee called a convention of Democrats to meet in June for the purpose of ascertaining the sentiment of the party in the State and, if that sentiment should be overwhelmingly against the single gold standard, to issue a protest against it. The gold people seem to be very angry over this step. They wanted both the Republican and the Democratic parties to go on straddling this question as they have been doing, feeling confident that in that case, no matter which party elected a President, the Eastern bondholders could control the situation, and from advices which we get from Washington and other points East it seems that they have determined to make a desperate fight to prevent Illinois from taking a decided stand on this question, for they recognize the fact that this might in the end result in their overthrow. They have resolved on making a hard fight and by means of various federal officers and by means of numerous national banks over the country expect, to be able to accomplish something. It has already assumed the nature of a fight between the President and his friends on the one hand and the Democratic party of Illinois on the other. This being the case, I feel that it is important that all good citizens who feel that this country has suffered enough at the hands of the Eastern manipulators should do their utmost to assist the Democracy of Illinois and this crisis. For, so long as these Eastern people can hold the government by the throat, just so long it will be utterly impossible to adopt any financial policy which will again give health and vigor to our country and put an end to the misery and ruin now so widely prevalent.

Since I have been Governor I have taken no active part in politics but have devoted all of my energies to the affairs of the State and have endeavored to place its institutions on the highest plane possible I feel, however, that this money question affects the very life of our people and consequently feel greatly concerned about it, and, while no interfering in politics, I do hope that our friends everywhere will do what they can to make the June convention a thorough success, and see to it that its declarations shall have no uncertain meaning. If you feel that you can consistenly help in this matter, it would greatly please me, as well as your friends over in this section.

Assuring you of my high regard, I am, Very truly yours,