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No. 9. Storm the Fort.

TUNE. "Hold the Fort."

1. Oh, my brother, see the children,
Crying in the street,
Hunger's ravages revealing —
Weary, half-clad feet.

CHORUS. — Storm the fort at the election,
Hear the leaders cry;
Send the laboring men to congress,
With our votes, we'll try.

2. See the mortgaged, burdened farmer
Tremble 'neath his load.
Hear the mother's cry of anguish,
Families sent abroad.


3. Fierce and long may be the struggle,
But our cause is dear.
Soon the laborers ranks will double,
Cheer, then brother cheer.


4. Soon our banner will be waving
Up and down the street;
Laboring men have won the battle,
Victory's complete.