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No. 17. Star Spangled Banner.



New Version

1. Oh, say do you see, by the daylight's broad glare,
That blot that arises to tarnish our glory?
'Tis the blot of oppression to all kinds of toil —
The greed of the Shylock, the same, same old story;
Rouse, ye people today; do not longer delay;
Too long we have loitered, make haste now, we pray,
Or the Star-Spangled Banner no longer will wave
O'er the "Land of the Free" but the Home of the Slave.

2. When Treason's foul breath swept across our fair land,
How quickly responded the laboring classes;
We owe them today for their brave fearless stand.
Oh, where had we been were it not for their masses?
Now they're taxed for everything, while the rich men hear the ring
Of their money as it jingles in their coffer's wide brim;
Oh! do something quickly to put down these knaves,"
Or our land is not free, nor the Home of the Brave.

3. Farmers, stand to your rights; the time has now come
When we must take the lead in the oncoming battle.
By the right of your suffrage put good men and true
To lead us to vict'ry and give the death-rattle
To all future efforts to grind workmen down
To worse than the slave, or acknowledge a crown,
Let our Star Spangled Banner once more proudly wave
O'er a "Land of the Free" made by men that are brave.