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Our Tower of Strength.

Tune: — Bethany.

1. Strength to the fainting ones,
Power to the weak;
What could we ask beside?
What promise seek?
Thus in our armor bright,
Soldiers who know not flight;
We walk by faith, not sight,
For "right is right?"

2. We would now cling to Thee,
Jesus our Lord;
For we are promised help,
In Thine own word.
Faith's cable from above,
Hope anchored in God's love;
Our doubts and fears remove
For "God is love!"

3. Then let us ever press,
With vigor on;
Till we have won.
This let our watchword be,
Thro' Him who stregtheneth me,
We will yet live to see
Our state set free.

Mrs. Rev. W. W. Brown.