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"A Negro Adventuress."

I see the Memphis Daily Commercial pays me the compliment of calling me a "Negro Adventuress" and violently abusing the English people for listening to me. If I am become an adventuress for simply stating facts when invited to do so, by what name must be characterized those who give the encouragement of their silence? However revolting these lynchings, I did not commit a single one of them, nor could the wildest effort of my imagination manufacture one to equal the reality. If the same zeal to excuse and conceal the facts were exercised to put a stop to these lynchings there would be no need for me to relate, and none for the English people to give ear to these tales of barbarity. If the south would throw as much energy into an effort to secure justice to the Negro as she has expended in preventing him from obtaining it all these years; if the north would spend as much time in an unequivocal and unceasing demand for justice for him as it has in compromising wrong against him, the problem will soon be solved. Will it do so? Eight millions of so-called free men and women await the answer, and England waits with them.