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The Right Will Prevail.


Song performed by: Dean Potter (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Air -- "Sweet Bye and Bye,"

When the workingmen's cause shall prevail
Then the class-rule of rich men shall cease,
And the true friends of Labor will hail
With a shout, the grand era of peace.

Chorus -- Right will reign, bye and bye,
When the Nationals come into power,
Right will reign, bye and bye,
Then the gold-thieves shall rule men no more.

Whatsoever men sow they must reap,
Since the rich to the whirlwinds have sown,
More just laws they must now learn to keep,
Then what workingmen earn they will own.

Chorus --

Right ordains that old parties must die,
And make way for the growth of reform.
Truth and wisdom proclaim from on high
That the triumph of labor must come.

Chorus --

Right on earth evermore then shall reign,
And the angels will sing once again,
While the Nationals join the refrain;
"Peace on earth and good will to all men."

Chorus --