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26, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W
August 20th, 1893.

DEAR LADY ISABEL, — Your note came whilst I was away and it has reached me here. I have studied the matter as you wished from both sides, (my patient's and the cause) and I have, in order to be quite faithful, no choice as to the reply, which I enclose for MISS WILLARD. I would I could do differently but it is impossible. I shall return to London almost directly, and shall leave soon to take a longer holiday which I much want. Please address me, as usual to 25, Manchester Square: all letters will be sent on so soon as they arrive. I hope you continue well and are not giving yourself too much fatigue in your great work.

Most truly yours,
(Signed) B. W. RICHARDSON.
25, Manchester Square, London.
August 19th, 1893.

DEAR MISS WILLARD, — I regret much to say that I cannot change my decision in regard to your case.

You must remain at rest. That is imperative on the grounds stated in the report which DR. HOLMAN and I have already given.