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No. 71. Union Song.



Good morning, brother Union,
Good morning, one and all;
We've left our home and business,
To make you all a call.
We're around to stir you up, boys,
To help you all we can;
To talk of farmers' rights, boys,
And not the party man.

For we've voted with our party,
No matter what it cost;
We've voted with our party,
Till everything is lost.
We have voted for our party,
No matter where it went,
We have voted with our party,
Till we havn't got a cent.

There was a politician,
As we have often heard;
Who spent his time in spouting,
To keep the people scared.
About his good old party
He'd make an awful noise,
And use his party cunning
To lead astray the boys.

There is a little thing or two
That I should like to know:
When they've got our land and money,
What will the farmers do?
We've neglected all advantages,
And to the party stuck,
And followed after middle men,
Till we are out of luck.

The youth is twenty-one, sir,
And has a right to vote;
And don't you be induced to go
Without your over-coat.
Then exercise your rights, boys,
And never take alarm;
Yes, exercise your rights, sirs,
And vote to save the farm.

R. J. Moore.