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No. 51. Onward!

Knights of Labor, onward ever!
Cheer the comrades as you go:
Show the world by brave endeavor,
That we'll triumph o'er each foe.

Knights of Labor, fear no danger,
Shield the weak from every wrong,
Help the poor, assist the stranger,
In your zeal for right be strong.

Knights of Labor, falter never,
Boldly take a temperance stand:
Let our watchword be forever,
God, and Home, and Native Land.

Knights of Labor, courage ever,
Help your brother when you can,
And the power of wealth shall never
Triumph o'er the rights of man.

Knights of Labor, see the morning
Beams of light dispel the gloom:
And we hail with joy the dawning
That shall seal oppression's doom.

A. C. Call.