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"Look up and Lift up."

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Francis E. Willard.
Mrs. M. H. Field.

1. O traveller,
Time driv'n, who not one hour may stay for joy and pain,
Look not behind lest memories o'er pow'r
Thy weary heart and brain.
O traveller, look not to left or right,
Thy perilous path to mark,
Here shadow haunted forest aid the sight,
There yawns the chasm dark.

O trav'ller thy comrade's lying low,
Lift up with love and cheer,
forget thyself, they griefs, they fears, and lo! thy heav'n is now and here.


2. O traveller, scan not thy forward way,
Long is the road and steep,
Thy feet might flag, and hope might vainly pray
Her heart of faith to keep.
O traveler, look up beyond the heights,
Beyond or cloud or sky,
Beyond the stars' fair gleam the Eternal lights;
The Kingdom draweth night.


3. But traveller, shut is the pearly gate
To him was comes alone,
Open for him the heav'nly portals wait
Who seeketh not his own.
O traveler, the wounded strew the way,
They need thy oil and wine.
They need thy hand heart thrilling with the sway
Of sympathy divine.


Last verse slow.