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This Southern Land.

AIR — "Beulah Land."

O, southern land, the farmers' pride,
No move its friends will e'er divide
When the Alliance rules the hour
And sweeps oppression out of power.

O sunny land, my sunny land,
While foes oppress on every hand,
I look beyond time's stormy sea,
Where truth and right shall reign in thee,
And view the people's happy shore
Of peace and freedom evermore.

The bitter past shall be forgot,
Sweet hope is made the common lot,
And north and south will each forgive,
And friends and lovers yet shall live.


The prophets of the days of old,
Who saw that rule of kings and gold,
Should meet a David in the way,
Would praise the Lord to live today.


Oh, cast away each traitor fear,
The jubilee is coming near;
And the Alliance is the plan
Of God to save this southern land.


C. M. B. Cox.