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No. 30. Labor Free To All.



Start the music, comrades, we'll sing a labor song;
Sing it with a spirit that will move the cause along;
Let it ring throughout the world in chorus full and strong;
Now we are marching for Labor.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Labor Free to All!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hasten to the call!
Shout the joyful tidings, King Capital must Fall,
Now we are marching for Labor.

Take the pledge to labor, friends, but after you have signed,
Put your trust in liberty, and work with might and mind;
March against the enemy, leave every fear behind,
Now we are marching for Labor.

With Justice as our standard we are bound to win the fight;
Raise the Labor Flag aloft and shout with all your might;
We strike for home and freedom, for virtue, truth and right,
Now we are marching the Labor.