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No. 12. The Farmer's Voice.

Tune. "Hold the Fort."

1. Hark! the Farmer's voice is sounding
Over all the land.
See, the Toilers forth are bounding,
And the change is grand.

Storm the fort, ye gallant toilers,
Drive the Shylocks out;
Stand and vote against marauders —
Hear the mighty shout

2. See the mighty host advancing —
Justice leads the van;
Will you join the gathering millions
On the F. A. plan?


3. Strong entrenched behind their lawyers
Sit the Rings and Trusts;
Office seekers, thieves and traitors,
Join them in their lusts.


4. Hark! the sound of woe arising
From the Toiler's door;
Children starving, women crying;
'Tis God's homeless poor.


5. Oh, how long ye toiling millions,
Will ye bow the knee?
Arise, arise and join the Alliance,
And you'll soon be Free!