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Sweet Home, Farewell.


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1. I am sad tonight though the scene is bright,
For in distant lands to roam,
At the break of day I must haste away,
I must leave my childhood's home.

O the parting hour is near,
When to home and friends so dear,
I must say farewell, farewell.

2. I shall carry far, past the harbor oar,
Thoughts of days forever past,
And the friends so true, o'er the waters blue,
I shall cherish to the last.

In my heart they still shall be,
Tho' I'm far beyond the sea,
Where-so-e'er my lot is cast.

3. In the days in store, though on distant shore,
Will this sunny spot so bright,
Still be home to me and in memory,
I'll review its scenes each night.

Till the day of life is past,
And I journey hence at last,
Home will still be dear to me.

O fare well, dear home, farewell,
Tho' in other lands I dwell,
Still I love thee, home, sweet home.