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Wants Equal Rights.

I would like to say a word as to the equal rights of sex, for I think it is all wrong under the present system, as men are accorded privileges and rights that are denied to women, politically, socially and financially, which I think all wrong. I believe in equality in every respect, and for all, with a chance for all to make an honest living and to engage in whatever occupation they please, without regard to sex, race or color. Give everyone the same privileges and help one another to do good, and not to deceive or defraud but to give all the same rights.

The U. L. party of Cloud county held their county convention on Saturday, Aug. 31st, and nominated a full county ticket. We had a good time, peace and harmony, with every township except Elk and Shirley, represented.

R. S. Phelps.
Miltonvale, Ks.