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No. 10. Our Battle Song.

TUNE. "Hold the Fort."

Hark! The bugle note is sounding
Over all the land;
See! the people forth are rushing,
Oh! the charge is grand.

CHORUS. — Storm the forts, ye Knights of Labor,
'Tis a glorious fight;
Brawn and brain against injustice —
God defend the right!

How the mighty host advances,
Alliance leads the van;
The Knights do rally by the thousands.
On the labor plan.

Strong intrenched behind their millions,
Sit the money kings;
Salary grabbers, thieves and traitors
Join them in their rings.

Vile injustice fills their coffers
With their blood bought gold;
And the might of their oppression
Ruins young and old.

Who will dare to shun the conflict!
Who would be a slave?
Better die within the trenches,
Forward, then, be brave!