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It will PAY you WELL to read
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if you want to GET in on the
No more Mystery!!
The Veil Lifted!!
The X Rays turned on FULL!!
The FOG cleared away!! Bed-rock FACTS in full view!! BIG BOOK IN LITTLE COVER!!
A GUIDE for the Masses!

It contains Much Valuable Information, and tells how to increase the Circulation without coining ONE MORE DOLLAR of either GOLD or SILVER, or printing another BANK NOTE!

EVERYBODY should have it. It may save many times its cost.



This is NOT
"the house that Jack built,"
Jack's Father built this house, and
Jack Squaredeal was born in it.


So well adapted to the MASSES, is respectfully
Who seek LIGHT, that they may walk in it, The TRUTH, that they may
obey it, FACTS, that they may be guided by them who


Democrats of the United States! Let me introduce you to a gentleman of the olden time. Many seem to have forgotten him, but obedience to his teachings are essential to the life of our Republic. His name is — Thomas Jefferson, the same Jefferson that stopped the coinage of silver dollars in 1805, and it stopped for 31 years.



Life of Jack Squaredeal.

SKIP THIS if you are not interested in the plain LIFE OF JACK SQUAREDEAL OF OLD KENTUCKY.

This is NOT "the house that Jack built,"
Jack's Father built this house and
Jack Squaredeal was born in it.

My name is SQUAREDEAL, Jack Squaredeal. My Father was a Sea faring man. He tired of Sea life, and being a lover of Nature's wilds, he moved to a then Border State, (Ky.) and entered a piece of land, built a Log Cabin with One opening, the Doorway, and began a new life, to him. The Door of that cabin was Open Day and Night in Summer, and Never Locked in winter. My Father had nothing, and as he tried to be just with all Mankind, he said no one would want to take it from him if he had, and from my knowledge of him, few would have the courage to try it. On the near corner of the Mantel lay his Bible; The Buck Horns on the wall at his Bed side held his trusty Rifle; and beneath the Shuck Pillow lay his faithful Hunting Knife. He was just to Man, and Animal Creation too.

He held it was Murder to draw a Shotgun on a Squirrel as it gave him no chance for his life, while a Rifle did. He said if his Rifle missed its mark, Liberty rightly belonged to that Squirrel, and if "Bunny" sat still and made faces at him from his high perch, he would not shoot the 2nd time. Strict Justice being his theory and practice, the Settlers said he out did all on the Squaredeal and they always called him Squaredeal (His real name being Whiteman). As it was not likely that any Property would ever be inherited from any source he just let it go at that, and Squaredeal is now my family name.


It was through that open Doorway that I first saw the light of day. I was born in that Log Cabin, and my Cradle was a Dugout Log. In the bark of one side was cut a Shovel Plow and a Rifle, and in the other side an Anchor. That Log rocked me well, and did duty as a Trough for years afterward. The Settlers said Squaredeal! that boy was born right here in the woods among the Owls, He'll be a wise man. Why don't you call him Wiseman? But No, My Father loved the old Sea name, so he called me Jack, (not John).

As you will imagine, I was raised between the Plow Handles and the rows of Corn in Summer, and with an Ax in one hand and a Rifle in the other in the winter.

College bred did you say? Well no. We had no Schools of any kind on the border then, but one of the Settlers with some Book Knowledge said when the weather was bad so he couldn't work his place in winter, he'd teach us what he knew, if our Fathers would help him. The Bunch of Long Beech Switches he kept in the corner of the room he called "Man Makers." He said they made Boys grow into Men. My Father told him He wanted me to Grow, and cast a glance at the Switches as he said so. The Master said he did not know much, but what he did know, the Boys should know as well as anybody in the world. He taught out of any book we brought, Spelling, Reading, Writing, and some Arithmetic. But between our Master having to clear up his Land in good weather, and us having to help our Daddies at home too, and what with going through the Measles, Hooping Cough, Chills and Fever, Chicken Pox, Mumps, &c., &c., our Study was so broken that we didn't get very far along till we had to quit School and help our folks Hustle for a living. I said we didn't Know much, but our minds (not being "crammed") were Strong, and what we did know WAS OURS. We knew it WELL. We knew 2 Halves make a Whole;


We knew Twice 1 are 2. We knew how many Beans make 5, and we knew the 4th of July comes on the 4th of July, and on no other day, and we knew these facts as well as college men or King Solomon himself, the wisest man in the world. Our Graduating Exercises consisted of a Hearty Hand Shake of the old Master who said, "I havent taught you much Lads, but what I have Hammered into you IS now YOURS, Its Good HORSE sense, You know it well, and it is for you to build on this Ground Work, which I have aimed to make SOLID."

I was called Jack till I went to the Cross roads Post Office one day for our Mail. While waiting, a Stranger rode up, and instead of Hitching his Horse as the Settlers did, he handed me the rein to hold him. when he came out and remounted, he threw me a Silver coin. It was the only one in that country, I did not know WHY it was then, but I know NOW. It was the WORKING of the "GRESHAM LAW", The Cheaper Paper Scrip (or "Shin Plasters") had driven the Dearer Silver Change out of use. Well every Settler & Son wanted me to trade them the Silver Coin because it was a curiosity, but Boy like, I thought if it was good for them, it was also good for me, so I wouldn't trade. Then they Guyed me by calling me "Hardcash", and that name stuck to me till I was grown. Well to make a long story short, that's all I know about myself, but I'll say right here that I never forgot my old School Master, and am yet thankful for my rugged raising, as it enabled me to buffet the world successfully so far, better than if I had been brought up as a Hot House Plant, as some boys are, and I'm glad I've always had to hustle, as it keeps the Blood circulating, hence I've been blessed with Health, which is better than wealth. But now I find I have run bang up against HARWORK & FARMERS Big Printing Office to get them to print a Book for you to read, and I give it to you in Verses or Paragraphs, (Homeopathic doses)


so as not to tire you. I hope you'll read every word of it, and then pass it around to your Neighbors and Friends, and get them to read it the same way, and if you or they find it in anything that aint true, don't believe it, but if you find that it is all true, then swallow it all, and look pleasant, and govern your votes by it, and you'll feel better, and be a Great deal better off, Hoping the world and its people may ever deal squarely with you and wishing you one and all good like I am
your Rock Ribbed Friend,
of Old Kentucky.

The MONEY Question overshadows all others now before the People of the U. S., and it is Proper that they fully understand before voting upon it. I deem it due the MASSES that Plain Definitions of all terms used in Financial discussions, together with a compilation of essential Facts, and Terse statements be made. Hence this friendly little book. Asking that you lay aside all Prejudice, and read it carefully, and hoping that it may shed so much light upon your mind that you will insist upon your friends and Neighbors reading it, I am
Yours faithfully,


Simple Definitions.

$1. — 100 cents.

COIN. — Metal Money.

SUBSIDIARY COIN. — Metal Money, 50 cent pieces and under. ("Change.")

BULLION. — Lump, Bar, or uncoined precious metal.

COINAGE. — The making of metal or Bullion into money (Changing its shape).

MINTS. — The Government Buildings where metals are Coined into Money.

MINTAGE. — The Product or Output of the Mints.

SEIGNIORAGE. — The Pay or Toll for Coining Metal into Money as the Millers "Toll" the Grain for Grinding.

FREE COINAGE. — Coining Metal or Bullion into Money for the owner Free of charge to him, but at the Expense of the People of the U.S. who constitute the Government.

UNLIMITED COINAGE. — To Coin without Limit all Precious Metal brought to the U.S. Mints from any and all sources.

INDEPENDENT COINAGE. — For the U.S. to Coin Independent of all other Commercial Countries (from whom we buy and to whom we sell).

FREE, UNLIMITED AND INDEPENDENT COINAGE. — To open wide the U. S. Mints to ALL Nations, Mexico, China, Japan and others, to Coin their Silver FREE to them, but at the Expense of the People of the U.S. who are TAXED to pay the Government for the Work, and independent of any agreement with other Countries.


WHAT IS MONEY? — A Medium of Exchange, of Fixed and Recognized Value, used in buying and selling of Goods and Property.

SPECIE. — Hard Money, Coin.

GOLD. — A Precious and Pure Metal (yellow) of Fixed and almost Unvarying Value, and the True Basis of Circulation, or Standard of Values of Money. 1 oz. of Gold is worth at this time 31 ozs. of Silver.

SILVER. — A Metal (white) used as money ($1.00 and under). It is also used in the Arts. 31 ozs. of Silver are worth 1 oz. of Gold.

COPPER. — A Brown Metal, it was used as Small Coin, ˝, 1 and 2 cent pieces. It is largely used in mechanism. Its relation to Gold is about 2100 to 1, and to Silver, 70 to 1.

BRONZE. — 19 parts Copper to 1 part of Tin, and Zinc. Cents are now coined from it.

STERLING. — The purest Coin, now English Coin.

DEMAND NOTES. — Paper Money issued at the beginning of the Civil War good for all payments for which gold was good, including Duties on Imports (Gold only being received for Duty at that time). Hence, they kept at Par with Gold when Greenbacks were at a discount.

TREASURY NOTES. — Paper Notes or Currency issued by the Government to purchase Silver Bullion (four and one-half million ounces per month), under the act of July 14, 1890, known as the "Sherman act," redeemable in Coin, Legal tender, $150,000,000 yet out; when redeemed they may be reissued. They are the constant drain or "endless chain" complained of by the Secretary of the Treasury, because they are reissued instead of destroyed, when redeemed by the government


and come back again for their face value in gold.

SILVER CERTIFICATES. — Paper Notes redeemable in Silver on presentation to the U.S. Treasurer.

NATIONAL BANK NOTES. — Paper Notes issued by the National Banks, the Circulation of which is secured by Deposits of U.S. Bonds with the Treasurer of the U.S.

COIN CERTIFICATES. — Paper Notes issued by the U.S., Redeemable in Coin, Coin being either Gold or Silver, at the option of the gov't.

STANDARD GOLD, OR SILVER. — Pure Gold or Silver mixed with cheaper metal.

GOLD DOLLAR. — 23 1/3 grains fine Gold, or 25 4/5 Standard Gold.

SILVER DOLLAR. — 371 ź grains fine Silver, or 412 ˝ grains Standard Silver.

TRADE DOLLARS. — Individual money, coined for Traders with India, China, etc.; heavier than U.S. Dollars; Legal Tender to $5; Called in Feb. 19, 1887.

SHINPLASTERS. — Depreciated Paper Money. The term was applied to the old State Bank Money, that was at a discount, and to the 50c, 25c, 10c, and 5c Paper that was used as change, (Scrip,) during the war, and after.

NICKELS. — Five Cent Coins, 1 part Nickel, 3 parts Copper.

CENTS. — 1 Cent Coins, 19 Copper, 1 part Tin and Zinc. This alloy is called Bronze.

TOKEN COIN. — Pieces of Metal issued by a Person or Firm for "Change," and redeemable by them in money.

ALLOY. — Mixed Metals. When Mercury is one of them, the alloy is termed an Amalgam.


IGNOT. — A Cast Metal or Alloy. The Trade $ was a coined "Ignot." Not a U.S. coin.

ASSAY OFFICES. — Gov't offices where Ores, Coin, or Bullion are tested and stamped.

BONDS. — Definite Money obligations; Canceled when paid, Forfeited if unpaid at maturity (when due).

FUND. — Deposits of Money.

RESERVE FUND. — Deposits of Money for a Special purpose, and used for that purpose only.

SINKING FUND. — A fund to "sink" (pay) a public debt.

THREE Cent Pieces, and $1, and $3 GOLD pieces, Coinage stopped and called in by act of Sept. 26, 1890.

"Par." — Of Full Value.

RATIO. — Relation to, as 31 to 1, the actual ratio of Gold to silver.

REPUDIATE. — To Disown; Disclaim; Deny; To Have nothing to do with. To refuse to pay.

ASSETS. — Property owned.

LIABILITIES. — Debts owing.

RESOURCES. — The difference between Property owned (assets) and Debts owing (Liabilities).

DEPRECIATED. — Of less value; Below Par.

FIAT. — To make; to Create from Nothing. God only can create!

DEBTOR. — One who owes goods or money.

CREDITOR. — One money is owing to; To whom Money is due.

DUTY. — Toll, or Customs Tax on Foreign Goods.

IMPORT. — To Buy and bring Goods from Abroad.


EXPORT. — To send abroad and sell to other Countries.

REFUND. — To fund anew. To Create a New Fund.

SYNDICATES. — A body of Men who council together and often Combine capital to put up the price of an article, generally an article of necessity, such as Money, Provisions, etc., etc.

TRUSTS. — Same as Syndicates, viz: Combinations often against the interests of the Masses of the People, and often cause much distress among the people. They corner provisions, etc.

LABOR. — Wage-Earner; All who work for wages.

CAPITAL. — The Money that employs Labor, and pays the wages.

LABOR & CAPITAL. — Mutual Friends; Both Good Horses, One each side of the Tongue of the Wagon of Commerce. When one is injured, the other suffers in sympathy with it. Anarchy would destroy both.


RESUME. — To begin again. The U.S. Resumed Specie Payment Jan 1, 1879.


"PER CAPITA." — Per Head; To each Person.

BIMETALLISM. — The circulation of two coin Metals, equal in value at same time.

PATERNALISM. — The interests of any Individual or Syndicate being "Fathered" or Protected by the Government.

DEMOCRACY. — Equal Rights to All, Exclusive privileges to None. It always advocates the rights of the MASSES of the PEOPLE.

ARISTOCRACY. — It DENIES Equal Rights to all. It grants EXCLUSIVE privileges to Favorites. It fosters Syndicates, Trusts, etc., etc., but as they exist only at the expense of the Common People, they should have no place in a REPUBLIC.

CRIME. — A violation of Law, for which Penalties are prescribed.

"CRIME OF '73" — There was NO "Crime of '73" as there was no Silver Dollars in circulation for 33 years before '73, nor until 5 years later. The "Crime of '73" is a hue and cry of the "SILVER TRUST" to confuse and excite the People so they can the more easily trap their votes, and force FREE, Unlimited and Independent Coinage of Silver upon them to their ruin, thus filling their own pockets at their expense, as they are now said to be carrying $60,000,000 worth of Silver Bullion for Speculation. Silver Dollars were dropped from coinage Feb. 21st, 1853, but there was no speculation in it at that time; hence no racket about it.

FLUCTUATING. — Changing in price or value.

PARITY. — Equality of Value of Gold and Silver Coin.

STANDARD, THE UNIT. — The starting point; as the Grain is the UNIT of weight; the Inch the UNIT of measure; the $ the UNIT of value, the acre the unit of land measure, etc.


FREE SILVER. — There is no such thing, nor can there be any such thing as "FREE SILVER" until we all lose our minds. It is a catch term; the mere Cry of those who would use the people for their own personal gain. It is the ear of corn before the Hungry Mule. He goes faster, but never gets to it. "FREE Silver" would be giving Silver away: FREE Silver Trusts give nothing away, but gain all they can at the loss of the People.


DEMAGOGUE. — One who controls the People by Deceit for his own benefit; a misleader.

BANKRUPTCY. — Inability to pay one's debts.

JUSTICE. — Honesty and Fairness in dealings between men; the rendering toe very one his right.

HOODWINK. — To blind People by Concealing the FACTS.

SECTIONAL. — That which affects a PART of the Country only. Free Coinage of Silver is a SECTIONAL Measure.

BOOMERANG. — A weapon that often comes back and hurts those who discharge it.

MINTS OF THE U.S. — One at Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Carson, Denver.

ASSAY OFFICES. — New York, Boise City, Idaho; Charlotte, N. Carolina.

BANKS. — Places where Deposits of money are received for safe keeping, Loans made on


short time for Interest, Exchange bought and sold, etc.

COINING. — Changing the Shape (not value) of Metal, Making Lump or Bar metal, Bullion into Money, It does NOT enhance its value.

UNCOVERED PAPER. — The excess of Paper Money over the Coin to redeem it with.

LEGAL TENDER. — Money made Legal by act of Congress for all debts, Public and Private, not excepted by the act.

RUN ON THE BANKS. — Many or all Depositors going to the Banks for their money at the same time.

DEPOSITORS. — Those who place or Deposit Money in the Bank.

PANIC. — Fright, Money Panic, Money Fright. Capital hides, withdraws from circulation; causes Stringency, Hard Times.

The little boys run fast. They fear the Big Injun, but they do not fear him more than Capital (money) fears the "free silver" agitators and it therefore hides itself away, and will not seek the channels of trade till they are quieted at the polls.

BALANCES. — The difference in the Sums of accounts; "Balance of Trade" is the difference in amount of Trade between Firms or


Countries. Balances are sometimes paid in assayed Bars of coin metal.

CHECK. — Is a Written order for Money on a Bank by a Depositor.

CERTIFIED CHECK. — Same as above, but with the word "good" written across its face, and signed by an Officer of the Bank, often used in paying large amounts of money, especially at a distance, so the payee may KNOW the money awaits his check at the Bank.

NOTES. — Are Promises to pay Money at a stated time.

PRINCIPAL. — The one who signs Name at the (right) bottom of Note.

ENDORSER. — One who signs Name across the Back of Note, and becomes responsible for the amount if the Principal fails to pay it. Always endorse across back of left, or beginning end of note or check.

WITNESS. — One who signs Name at (Left) bottom of a paper. They are not responsible for payment, but attest the Signatures. If signing as a witness, always sign on left side.

JOINT PAPER. — A Note or Paper signed by 2 or more persons or Firms. It is safer than Endorsed Paper, because all the signers can be sued at once, but the maker or Principal of an Endorsed Note must be sued first, then if not worth the amount, the Endorser can be sued.

DRAFT. — Is a written order or request from one person or Firm to another Person or Firm to pay money at a time named in Draft.

SIGHT. — An order or Draft "at sight" is payable when presented to the debtor, or after 3 days, (grace). At "5 days sight" is 5 days after it is presented to the debtor by the bank, (grace added if wanted always).


Drafts are usually "accepted" when presented.

ACCEPTANCE consists of writing date and name of debtor across the face of draft, thus "Accepted May 1st, 1896, J.K. Lee." It admits the amount is correct, and the claim just. It Fixes the claim and makes it negotiable.

NEGOTIABLE. — Current; Transferable.

CURRENT. — That which flows, passes, or Circulates; CURRENCY, the nation's Money.

COUPONS. — Interest Warrants printed on Bonds or Notes. The No. equal the payments. As fast as they fall due they are "cut off" and presented for payment until all are paid.

DEPOSIT TICKET. — Tickets kept at the Banks for Depositors to write the amount and kinds of money they deposit. It with the Deposit is handed to the "Teller," who credits the amount in Depositor's Book if correct.

TELLER. — The man who receives and Pays Money out at the Bank.

CASHIER. — One who sees to the Books, Payments and Receipts of the Bank.

DISCOUNT. — Charge for money advanced to Merchants, Manufacturers, and others on approved Paper (Usually their Customer's Notes.)

PROTEST. — When Bank Paper is due, presented and unpaid, a Notary Public states the fact and attaches his Seal, the cost being on the person upon whom the paper was drawn.

MORTGAGE. — A Double Paper; A Pledge for a Debt only if the Debt is paid when due; If not paid, it is a Deed to the Property pledged. A Conditional Deed.

EXTENSION. — Bank or Creditor granting more


time than named in the Note for the Payment of a Debt, if the Debtor is unable to pay it when due.

EXPANSION. — An Increase of Currency, adding to the money already in circulation. It is not an INFLATION, as it may be issued upon a Proper Basis, while an Inflation is an OVER issue of Money — that is, an Issue of more than can be redeemed.

GRACE. — Days of Grace are the days allowed (3 days in the U.S. and Great Britain) for Debtor to pay, after payment is due. Thus paper due May 1st could be paid May 1st to 3d.

WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS. — Certificates given their Customers by Warehouse Proprietors, stating that certain goods have been Warehoused with them, and upon these certificates the Banks loan the owners of the goods money.

HERESY. — Opposition to regular methods. The Free Coinage craze is often justly termed a "Financial Heresy."

U.S. CONFEDERATION. — Articles of original bond of union between the states, adopted July 9th, 1778, or 9 years before the constitution of the U.S.

COLUMBIAN COINS. — 5 Million Half Dollars (made from old Silver Change that had been called in,) were Coined Specially under the act of August 5, 1892. Under the act of March 3, 1893, 40 Thousand Quarter Dollars, or 25 cent pieces, were Specially Coined as an aid to the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago.

ANARCHY. — No Government, Law, or Supreme Power. Political Confusion.





MONARCHY. — One Ruler, as a King or Emperor.

REPUBLIC. — Government by the People, through Representatives.

DEMOCRACY. — The same as a Republic.

POPOCRAT. — Converts from the Democratic Party and the Masses, to the ARISTOCRATIC Silver Owning CLASS Party, who DEMAND Free, Unlimited and Independent Coinage of Silver at the UNJUST ratio of 16 to 1 at the people's expense.

POPOCAN. — A Convert from the Republican Party to the Aristocratic Silver owning Class Party. (Same as Popocrat). Both out pop the Populist.

PARTISAN. — An earnest member of a Party.

FANATIC. — One of wild ideas, governed by imagination rather than reason, cranky.

RADICAL. — An Extremist.

CONSERVATIVE. — Moderate; Judicious; opposed to Radicalism.

FACTION. — A Party within a Party, usually a Minority with Selfish Aims.

REVOLUTION. — To war against the Government. To Defy Authority.

JACOBIN. — A Factionist; Violet Revolutionist; A Demagogue.

BUCCANEER. — A Sea Robber. They carry all kinds of Flags, to deceive their prey.

CONSOLS. — A Fund made up from various sources. The Leading English Securities.

CALLED. — To withdraw; "Called" Bonds, To Pay, and Cancel them. To withdraw from Circulation, as Uncurrent Coin Called in to Recoin.


TON. — 2 thousand pounds.

EX POST FACTO LAW. — A Law made for the punishment of an offense that has already been committed.

BILL OF ATTAINDER. — A Law punishing Children for crime of Parents, such as forfeiting estates, &c., for treason of the Parent.

BULWARK. — A Protection; a Defense.

CITADEL. — Fortress or Castle near a City; a final point of Defense.

WILDCAT BANKS. — Banks formerly established by scheming men in out of the way places inconvenient for their Note holders to get at to have them redeemed. They were Frauds of the 1st order, and often made large issues of Notes as Money, then failed leaving the worthless issue in the hands of the Poor, for that is where bad Money usually stops, with those who can bear the loss least.



Is the U.S. a Bimetallic country? Yes!

WHY? — Because it has GOLD as its UNIT of Value, and limits the Coinage of Silver to an amount that can be Redeemed in GOLD, hence every $ either of SILVER, GOLD, or PAPER is worth either of the other Dollars, not only in the U.S. but anywhere in the commercial world, because they can be exchanged at any time under the present law for GOLD, which is the Money of the Great Civilized and Commercial Countries of the World.

Would not SILVER be just as good under a FREE, Unlimited and Independent coinage law as it is now? NO! WHY? Because the Coinage of it would be open to all. It would not be restricted to an amount that could be Redeemed, and it would then not be GOVERNMENT Money, but INDIVIDUAL Money (or "TOM, DICK and HARRY Money"), it would not be the Duty (as now) of the Government to redeem it.

Why not Try Free Coinage? It has been tried by other Nations, and abandoned by all that were able to abandon it, and it would be unwise to travel a Bad Road when the Guide Board at the entrance told one it was a bad road.

Why would the Farmers, Mechanics, Laborers have to pay the expense of "Free Coinage?" Because the People are Taxed for the expense of government, running the Mints is one, and it would add to their taxes about $2,000,000 a year, and when the MEXICANS, CHINESE, JAPANESE and others sent their Lump Silver to the U.S. Mints to be made into Money FREE, (for that is what FREE Coinage means), The American Farmers and American Workmen would pay for the work. It would not be right, would not be just. It would be robbing the POOR to pay the Rick, robbing Americans to enrich Foreigners, but that would be FREE COINAGE. Besides a Silver $ would pass for its Commercial value, or less, or about 30 Cents instead of $1, as now.


Simple Definitions.

SAVINGS BANKS, Life Insurance Companies, Benevolent Orders Building & Loan Associations, etc. "21 Million people in the U.S. are said to be Depositors, Investors, and Stockholders in them, and should have as Good Money paid them as they paid into those Companies," but a Free Coinage or Silver act would reduce their amounts ˝, if it did not break those companies entirely and cause the loss of All their claims.


In a BIG Factory. Big Profits. Must be men of BIG Influence and LITTLE Conscience, so as to force Uncle Sam to buy ALL the goods our Factory makes, by taxing all other trades for the money to do it with.

Factory can be made larger, and profits increased by CUTTING the WORKMEN'S WAGES ONE-HALF as soon as the Law is made for our benefit. (Same plan as silver mines are run, and that's good enough for the greediest men on earth.) Apply in person to
CRUSH Street.

CAUTION. — The Question before the people is NOT if they will vote to let the "Free Coinage Men" coin 100 cents' worth of Silver into a Dollar, they to pay for the work, as any other class of men would expect to do, but they put themselves on a Beggar's footing and want it done for NOTHING, (FREE COINAGE), FREE Coinage for them, mind, NOT "Free Silver" for the People, as they would have you believe, and besides that, they want you to vote them the right to make $2.00 out of about $2.00 worth of Silver, and then FORCE you to take it for $2.00. Briefly, they want DOLLARS for HALF Dollars. They want you to vote to DRIVE the $625 Million in Gold out of the Country, but they are CAREFUL not to tell you so, for HISTORY tells us that our GOLD, the "dearer metal," would disappear as in a night. Don't


be Hoodwinked! Takeoff the Bandage! Open your Eyes! Be Wise in time! or Poverty may come upon you "as a Thief in the night, and Want as an Armed Man!"


Design suggested for the "Free Silver" Dollar, its too small for "Liberty." The American Eagle will not stay if she goes. The "Man in the Moon" likes it because it gets its shape from him, and the Trombone suits its sliding valve. No charge for design. Free coinage, Free design. So the Silver Trusts are bound to get rich.

SILVER DOLLARS. — From 1792 to 1878, 26 years, about 8 Million Silver Dollars were coined, while from 1878 to 1895, 17 years only, 397 Million Silver Dollars were Coined, or an average of 9,000 a year before 1878, and 23 Million a year since '78, or about 3 times as much coined each year since '78, as there was in the entire 86 years before '78. Where is any injustice to Silver shown?

35-CENT DOLLARS. — Don't forget that in July, 1865 Greenbacks were worth only 35 cents in Gold, and that people were afraid to hold them, and bought what they did not need, to get rid of them, and that under a Free Coinage act, Silver may go yet lower than Greenbacks did, without Gold to bring it to Par as Gold did the Greenbacks, for under Free Coinage of Silver there would be NO GOLD.

1838 to 1878. — No U.S. Silver Dollars circulated, Gold and Paper only, and from '62 to '78 Paper only.

GOLD was the backing, or Unit of value, as Silver Dollars were out of use since 22 years before the War.


LATIN UNION. — A Money Union between Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Greece, formed in 1865 to regulate Gold and Silver Coinage based on the French Franc. Belgium withdrew and went to the Single Standard of Gold. Although the Latin Union was formed for the Mutual interchange of Gold and Silver (at a Parity) between themselves, yet they suspended "Free Coinage of Silver" Jan., 1874, and in 1878 ceased ALL Silver Coinage, and to-day their Mints are CLOSED to any and ALL kinds of Silver Coinage.

ACT of July 14th, '70, for Refunding the National Debt says: "Payments shall be made in coin of the present standard of value," therefore a new Law now, can not change the obligations of the Government.

LABOR. — Will workmen want Half Dollars for $1 of wages earned?


FARMERS. — With wheat at 50c would Farmers want to sell 50 Bushels of Wheat for $25.00 that were worth only $12.50?


We had in 1895, GOLD $625,000,000
Silver Dollars 397,000,000
Silver Change 76,000,000
We had in '73 GOLD only 135,000,000 No Silver.
An EXCESS in '96 over '73 of $963,000,000

HARD TIMES. — "They are not caused by the lack of Money, for the U.S. has 7 times as much as we had in '73 when Agitators" say the great "Crime (?) of '73" was committed. WE do NOT lack Money but we do lack


CONFIDENCE to draw money from its hiding places and seek investment.

In addition to the above amount of Coin, "Uncle Sam" had also outstanding in '95

"GREENBACKS," (War Money) $346,000,000
"TREASURY NOTES" 149,000,000
To which add the above GOLD and Silver coin 1,098,000,000
And we have a GRAND TOTAL for 1895 of $1,802,000,000

every dollar the equal of the other dollar, except for Import Duty and Interest on the Public Debt.

CREDIT. — Confidence; and owing to the way our Credit has been maintained through the medium of the Single Standard, every dollar of the 5 kinds of Currency circulates at 100 Cents in value, instead of 50 to 54 Cents, or less, as they would under the FREE COINAGE of Silver. FREE COINAGE is a chair WITHOUT a BACK. The Single GOLD Standard is the BACK of the Silver Chair.


COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR. — Pamphlets issued Weekly or Monthly before the War, (the old State Bank days) to detect Counterfeit Bills, or give their Discount, or tell if Broken, (Insolvent). Men could not trade for a horse


in middle of block, without going to the corner store to look at the Counterfeit Detector to find if the money was good, so general was the use of bad money. Workmen bought their family supplies Saturday night, fearing if they waited until Monday the Bank would be broken, or its money at a big discount.

REACTION. — A return to former level or condition. The Crisis of '73 was the result of a Reaction. During the War we had an Inflated currency, and in consequence Inflated Prices, False Values of Property and Merchandise, etc., but as a Ball fired up into the air has the same distance to return to the Earth again, so values had to React, return to their former level; As we go up one side of a Hill, we go down the other side, we went up in the 60's, we came down in the 70's.

We fought in the 60's, we had to rest in the 70's, hence the "crisis of '73." Neither Silver Dollars, nor Silver change circulated in '73. WE had GOLD, PAPER, and SCRIP, or "SHINPLASTERS." Property priced at $1,000 in 1862, when greenbacks were issued, was priced at $3,000 when gold went to near $3 (at top of hill), but declined to its proper value when money was near par value, so in '73 owner should not compare price with '65, when gold was near $3, and claim he had lost $2,000 but compare prices


of '62 (before inflation took place), and '73 when we were returning to par value and he finds values the same, and he has lost nothing. This instance alone should warn all against an inflation of the currency, as we would have to go through the same trouble again that we are now just getting out of.

WEIGHT. — Heaviness, Gravity. The greater the weight, the more it costs to move and article. The Cartage on Bullion a year is about $14,000. One Million Dollars in Gold weights about 4,386 lbs; In Silver it weighs about 71,428 lbs. or 67,042 lbs. more than Gold. In Exporting Silver the Ships would charge a MUCH Higher rate per Million, it being both Heavier and More Bulky than Gold.

ECONOMY. — To Save; $20, $10, and $5 Gold Pieces can be coined as quick as $1, $1/2 and $1/4 in Silver, yet they are 20 times as valuable as the Silver Coins, Hence in Economy of coining alone, GOLD has a Great advantage, as it has in weight, as it can be coined 20 times Faster than Silver, hence at much less cost to the People.


CHARITY. — Are the owners of Lump Silver subjects of Charity? or have these Cheeky Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Indiamen, etc., any Special rights under our form of Government that our own FARMERS


and WORKMEN have not? Have they a right to oppress these "Sons of Toil" by TAXING American FACTORIES and FIELDS to Coin 50 cents of Silver into the shape (only) of dollars, and then to force them to take them at DOUBLE their value by a "Legal Tender" act? If they have no such rights, you don't want them to have them; then go every Freemen to the Polls and "Call them Down" at once and Forever!

"LOOKING BACKWARD" — W are not now living in the year 1873, when "UNCLE SAM," for the Protection of his PEOPLE, and especially the Humbler Classes, adopted the Precious GOLD Dollar (of fixed and Unchanging value) as his Money Standard or basis of values, but we are living in this Current year of 1896, and look FORWARD to November, when the PEOPLE of the U.S. will meet the False and ARISTOCRATIC issue forced on them, and defeat it, liberating Trade, unfettering Commerce, bringing about Prosperity, and heralding to the World the fact that ARISTOCRATIC Measures have no place in DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT, and will not be tolerated in it.

APOTHECARIES. — They use Grains, Scruples, (20 grs). Drachms, (60 grains). ounces, (480 grs). and Pounds (5,760 grs)., all based, as you see on the UNIT, or GRAIN. If there were different sized Grains or Units, Doctors might kill their Patients with the very Medicines intended to save their lives. An old Doctor at my elbow says, "Squaredeal! It's a very UNCERTAIN Business as it is, with a definite Grain or Unit of weight to guide us; and could the Dead come to life, there would not be Horses, nor Cycles enough to carry the Doctors out of the City. But without a Definite, or certain


UNIT, or Grain, to guide us in Prescribing, we would do more harm than Napoleon's Army."

BUSINESS. — The Best Business ever done in the U.S. was in the '60's, when there was neither Silver Dollars nor Silver Change, but Paper Bills, Paper Scrip ("Shinplasters") and Gold only. The "GRESHAM LAW" was demonstrated, viz., The Cheaper Scrip drove out of circulation the dearer Silver Change. None know the workings of the Gresham Law better than the "Free Coinage men." They know that the Cheaper Silver would at once Drive out the better metal, as did the paper Scrip drive out the Silver Change, and their aim is NOT to have 2 Metals Circulating, but to DRIVE OUT the GOLD, and supply the amount, $625 Million Dollars of SILVER in its stead. Capacity of the U.S. Mints for Coinage of Silver, $40 Million a year. Divide $625 Million by $40 Million, and you have the years required to take the place of the banished Gold, 15 ˝ years. It is, then, not a question of a DAY, but a GENERATION! The Youth and Children of to-day would be heirs to the debased coin for which we vote, and would suffer all the evils resulting from it, although they had no say in bringing it about. Are you Parents willing to inflict it upon them?

DEMONETIZE. — To withdraw from use as Money. Silver Dollars were never "Demonetized," but since '78 it has been a FULL legal tender, and their average yearly ratio of increase of coinage since 1878 is 2500 times as much as before 1878.

REPRESENTATION. — The 10 SILVER STATES have 20 U.S. SENATORS, and only 14 Congressmen, having only about the Population of the State of INDIANA. 2 U.S.


Senators are allowed each State; while Congressmen are in ratio to the People of the State.

1893. — The Crisis of '93 was caused by the immense purchase of Silver under the "SHERMAN BILL" of 1890, said bill not being Promptly repealed as urged by President Cleveland, and the delay of the U.S. Senate in agreeing on a "Tariff Bill" (11 months), causing the "Petition in Boots" ("Coxey's Army") to appear in Washington to urge that something be done to relieve the distress throughout the country. The trouble now is NOT due to "lack of Money," for of our 1802 Million dollars, much of it is idle, but it is due to Persistent Agitators who are a Constant menace to our money system, and intimidate conservative Business men so they fear to invest. They prefer losing the interest on its working power, to losing ˝ of their money at once.

GOLD STANDARD COUNTRIES. — U.S., England, France, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Austria-Hungary, Brazil, Cuba, Chili, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Servia, Turkey, and Venezuela.

SILVER STANDARD COUNTRIES. — China, Japan, India, the South American Republics (except Brazil, Chili, and Venezuela) the Central American States, the "Straits." and the Half civilized nations of Africa. (Compare! No advanced nations have the Silver Standard.)

COLLATERAL. — Pledge; thus, if instead of an Indorse, a Bond, or other valuable is left as Security, it is a "Collateral." In loaning money Banks always require endorsers or collateral, no matter how good the Principal (borrower) may be. A Bank that did not do it would be distrusted, and its failure looked


for at any time. But it would be just as safe as the Free and Unlimited coinage of silver, because that would be INDIVIDUAL money, "Tom, Dick, or Harry" money, and would have Tom, Dick, or Harry only back of it, no endorser, no collateral, no security; hence UNSAFE. But the Silver Dollars we now have of limited coinage are not only buoyed up to 100 cents by the gold basis upon which they rest, but they are also government money, endorsed and secured by every man in the U.S., as the government is composed of the whole people.

INFLATION. — To puff up, Distend, Expand. An over issue of Money, or an issue on a false basis, or which lacks Confidence of the business public, is an Inflated Currency. It gets below Par, more of it is required to buy with than of Good (Par) Money.

COLLAPSE. — To fall in; the opposite of "Inflation." Fill a Paper Bag with air. It looks larger. It weighs no more. Let the air out, it "Collapses" to its former size. Blow it full again; hold its mouth tight with one hand; Strike it with the other; It bursts with a loud report. That is a SUDDEN "Collapse," and that would be the result of FREE Coinage of SILVER; a VERY Sudden "Collapse," so sudden that UNIVERSAL Disaster and Ruin would follow. DEPOSITOR would run on the BANKS for their Money; BANKS in turn would have to call on the MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS, and FARMERS for the payment of the paper due them. (No Extensions or renewals at ANY rate of Interest), for they would be bound to collect what may be due them to pay their Depositors with. Farmers would not only be left without Money to complete their Crops, or pay their Mortgages off, but their STOCK and FARMS would be SEIZED by the Sheriffs and Given away under the Hammer. We


say "Given away" because all would be sellers, (no Buyers), Debtors would be CRUSHED; Factories, Mills, Workshops, and Business Houses closed, Railway Cars, and Boat, and Ship lines cease running, as Business would be Paralyzed, and there would be nothing to run for, Workmen and Farmers thrown out of employ by thousands (nothing to do), and this ENFORCED IDLENESS would beget DEMORALIZATION and CRIME from which it would take years to recover. Let any Business man portray the result of the BANKS and creditors all calling for the payment of all Paper due them when due without exception, and he will be horrified at it.

GROVER CLEVELAND. — He was NOT President in 1873.

U.S. GRANT. — He was PRESIDENT in 1873, When the "CRIME" (?) was committed. GEN. GRANT was PRESIDENT 2 Terms, 8 years; 1868 to 1876.

JOHN G. CARLISLE OF KY. — He was NOT Secretary of the U.S. Treasury in '73.

GEORGE S. BOUTWELL OF MASS. — He WAS Secretary of the U.S. TREASURY in Feb., 1873 when the Great "CRIME" (?) of '73 was committed.

WM. M. RICHARDSON OF MASS. — He was Secretary of Treasury from March 4th, 1873, until he resigned, June 2nd, 1874.

GEN. BEN H BRISTOW OF KY. — He succeeded Richardson as Secretary of the Treasury. Has either of the 3 Secretaries been charged with the "CRIME (?) of '73"? If not, Why not? John G. Carlisle was not Secretary of the Treasury until 1893, or 20 years after it was done. What was that Mysterious "Crime" (?) about which there is so MUCH NOISE, so little KNOWLEDGE and less


SENSE? We quote the LAW that you may read it.

"CRIME" (?) of '73 — U.S. REVISED Statutes, Section 3511: "The Gold Coins of the United States shall be a One Dollar piece, which at the Standard weight of Twenty-five and Eight Tenths Grains shall be the Unit of Value." (The act then describes other coins, etc.) Now here you have the "Crime (?) of '73." A Great Powerful Nation selects as its UNIT of VALUE by which all other values are regulated, for the protection of its People a Coin, not a "Trombone" coin (sliding UP and DOWN, uncertain what the next note or value may be), but a Dollar of Fixed and Unchanging worth, known and recognized as 100 Cents on Every exchange and in all Markets of the World.

FREE COINAGE would break in halves, the value of our Dollars, and dollars would be harder to get, as FREE coinage would arrest all business and bar workmen from the Factories and Farms.


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. — A Council of Nations. Money Councils were held at PARIS, FRANCE, in 1897 (19 Nations.) One at PARIS, France, 1878 (12 Countries.) GERMANY declined to send Delegates. One at PARIS in 1881 (19 Countries.) One at BRUSSELS Nov., 1892 (20 Countries.) All Voted against the SILVER Standard, and all are now on a gold basis and six other nations besides.


MONO-METALLISM. — One Metal only in circulation. A Single Currency.

SINGLE CURRENCY. — One kind of Money circulating at a time.

SINGLE STANDARD. — One metal as the standard or Unit of Value to regulate other values by, as Artificial Time Pieces (Clocks and Watches) are regulated by NATURE'S great Time piece, the SUN.

DON'T FORGET that "Single Currency" and "Single Standard" are opposites. "Single Currency" is One kind of Money, while "Single Standard" may be the basis for MANY kinds of currency. Witness: We have now in the U.S. the SINGLE Standard of GOLD, and based upon it several kinds of currency, viz., GOLD, SILVER, GREENBACKS, NATIONAL BANK NOTES, TREASURY NOTES (Coin Certificates), etc., a total of $1,802 Million Dollars, and owing to the CREDIT maintained by the Gov't, every Dollar of it is equal (100 Cents) for all BUSINESS Purposes.

DOUBLE STANDARD. — 2 Metals as UNITS, or STANDARDS of Value. They can not co-exist because of the "GRESHAM LAW."

GRESHAM LAW. — "The Cheaper Metal drives out the Dearer Metal."

JEFFERSON'S THEORY. — "Coin value and Commercial value should be one."

ARGENTINA. — A Republic in South America.

CRIME (?) OF 1802. — Thomas Jefferson stopped the coinage of Silver Dollars, and his Successors approved of his act, so that no more were coined for 31 years. Query: Was Thomas Jefferson a Criminal?


CLEARING HOUSE. — The place where Bank Exchanges are made and Balances are paid; thus, If Bank A pays out Money (Cashes) $10,000 of Checks of BANK B, and Bank B cashes $11,000 of Checks of BANK A, BANK B does not collect of BANK A $11,000, and BANK A collect of BANK B $10,000, but the Messengers of both Banks meet at the Clearing House at Noon each day, and the Balance, or difference between the 2 amounts, or $1,000 is paid over to the Messenger of BANK B, Thus we see a Transaction of $21,000 is settled with a payment of $1,000 only. But this is brought about by a Mutual CONFIDENCE, (CREDIT) between the Banks. If One Bank thought the other would not pay, or would try to pay them back in Money worth less than they paid out for them, It would not Cash their Checks for them. Result; the holder of their Check would tell it; A "RUN" on that bank would follow, and it be forced to close its doors.

MERCANTILE AGENCIES. — Companies that have offices in the Principal Cities and Towns to find the amount of Capital (Money Character, &c.) of Business Concerns, by which Credit is Regulated. For instance; A Kentucky Firm starts in Business. They go to New York for their Supplies, The Merchants there send to the New York Mercantile agency to get a Report of their Standing; If they have no report, the N.Y. office writes or wires the Louisville Office for a Report on the New Firm, and it is upon this report, the Credit of the New Firm is based.


This is a HAMMER.

This is an ANVIL.

If you lay a Gold Dollar on the Anvil and hammer it out of shape it is still worth $1.

If you do a Silver Dollar the same way, you hammer 46 cents out of it, and, it is worth its Bullion value only, or 54 cents.

GOLD loses COIN shape, yet loses NO value. But silver loses Coin shape and loses nearly HALF its VALUE. Is it Wise to Drive from the U.S. this GOLD of FIXED Value by introducing the FREE COINAGE of INFERIOR SILVER? and make yourself the prey of BROKERS? There is no Confusion in values of our Money now; EVERY Dollar is worth a Dollar; WHY bring about Confusion? To gratify Rich Silver TRUSTS and SPECULATORS at the expense of the American People?

Again; If your House burns and you have GOLD, the Heat may melt it, but it does NOT reduce its Value; The melted mass is worth the same, but the melting of Silver money causes the Loss of nearly one HALF. If you want to save Coin for any purpose, Silver is large and not easily concealed; If you want to carry Coin upon a Journey for any Purpose $1,000 in Silver weighs about 59 pounds, GOLD less than 4 lbs.

"Classes." — Laws enacted for the CLASSES are ARISTOCRATIC, and Disquiet the People. A FREE COINAGE of SILVER Law would benefit a CLASS only, the Silver Bullion holder or Silver Mine Owner, NOT


the Silver MINER, the men whose Brawny arms mine the silver for them, it would harm them, for their WAGES would be CUT IN HALVES, for they would be paid in 50c dollars instead of 100 cent dollars, to which they and all other WAGE earners are entitled. Such a law would be a DIRECT BLOW at the INTEREST and WELFARE of the MASSES.

"Free Silver's" in the SADDLE!
Yes; But Whar's the SADDUL?

GOLD MINED. — More GOLD was mined in the last 50 years, than was mined in 350 years previous, and 27 Millions More Gold was Mined from 1890 to '95 (5 years) than from 1800 to 1890, (Fifty years). In 1895 $200,000,000 were produced, and it is hopefully predicted that the year 1900 will produce $300 Million Dollars, so there will be no fear of "Scarcity" of Gold. Hence don't let "Free Silver" men alarm you, about that.

"SHERMAN BILL." — A Bill passed July 14, 1890. It was repealed November 1, 1893, To avert a FREE COINAGE of Silver act at that time, the matter was referred to a Committee of Conference of Senate and Congress, of which Senator John Sherman was Chairman,


hence the name "Sherman Bill." It provided for the buying each Month 4 ˝ Million oz's of Silver Bullion, 141 Tons, or about the output of the silver mines at that time. $150,000,000 Treasury Notes were issued to buy Silver with. $103,000,000 GOLD took Fright; became "Panicky," leaving only $53,000,000 increase of Circulation instead of 196 Millions dollars.

"PICKPOCKET BILL." — That is what SENATOR BEN HILL, Georgia's leading Statesman termed a FREE COINAGE OF Silver Bill, Silver Dollars being worth then 87 cents. What would he say now? when they are only worth 54 cents?

This is an Auction Sale!

There will be many such sales should Free coinage of Silver become a law! The crowd you see are not bidders, they are idle people who have come to kill time and get used to it gradually, as they may be sold out next. Be wise now and vote Free coinage down forever!

ESSENTIALS. — Necessary; That which we MUST have, or can't do without.

SILVER. — IT is NOT an ESSENTIAL, because we can do without it easily, but as it is an Enterprise needing much Capital, and an Industry at which many men are employed, it should be fostered and encouraged, but not to the extent of unsettling (periodically) the entire Commerce of the country, and playing "Spoiled Children" in the Great Family of peaceful States, especially as they are States by Grace rather than by Right, were admitted


for their Electoral Vote only, and were termed the "Rotten Borough States."

COAL AND WOOD. — They are ESSENTIALS of Life. We need them to generate Steam, to run our Factories, to give us POWER for many purposes, to generate Electricity, etc., itself a Motive Power. Without it People in Cities could not Cook their Food, nor keep warm in winter, nor get Gas to give them Light.

IRON. — A Leading ESSENTIAL. We could not do without it.

STEEL. — An ESSENTIAL. Without it and its fellow Essentials above we should have no Edge Tools, Railways, Great Bridges, R.R. Coaches, Vessels, Cannon, fire arms in war, etc.

1872, NOT in 1873, Silver Declined. WHY? Because the countries in the "EAST" (Asia) did not want so much of it. The "TRADE Dollar" was made for the TRADERS with those Countries. That is why they are called "Trade" Dollars. Before they were coined the Traders bought MEXICAN Dollars to send to China, India, and other of those countries.

DECLINE IN SILVER. — 400 years ago, (before the discovery of AMERICA) 1 oz. of GOLD equaled 8 ozs. of Silver. In '84 1 oz. Gold equaled 18 ozs. of Silver; in '92, 23 ozs.; in '96, 31 ozs. For 2,000 years they have been parting company.

ACT of '78. — It made Silver a FULL LEGAL TENDER, and bought of the Silver Owners 2 to 4 Million in Silver each Month, (mind it did not buy 2 Million dollars' worth of PRODUCE from the FARMERS nor of Manufactured Goods from the Factories), but it did buy 2 Million Dollars' worth of Silver from the Mine Owners, (not the Miners)


and Coined it into SILVER DOLLARS. With what result? Why, from 1878 to 1884 (6 years), 185 Million Dollars had been coined, and only 41 Million Dollars of it had been used, (it was not wasted), and SILVER DOLLARS HAD DECLINED to 82 cents; and in 1892, to 70 cents, and now, 1896, to 54 cents. So that under the very law made to force Silver to a Greater value, it shrank RAPIDLY to a MUCH LESS value.

1840 to 1878, there were NO SILVER DOLLARS in use, and no Silver Change from 1862 to 1878 ("Shin Plasters," or "Scrip," being used).

FARMERS AND PLANTERS. — It may interest you to know that though you do not haul your Grain to the Sea Coast and put it on Ships and send it across the Ocean to the Gold, or Commercial Countries to be sold, yet the Grain and Commission Merchants do, and for the 3 years ending in 1881, 750 Million Dollars' worth of BREADSTUFFS alone were Shipped abroad (Exported.) These Commercial Countries are GOLD Standard Countries, and under our present GOLD Standard Currency you get 750 Million Dollars for your Grain, because the U.S. Money is equal in value to theirs. But under a


FREE COINAGE of SILVER Law, while you may get the same number of Dollars, they would be HALF DOLLARS only in value, and it would cost the buyers of your Grain but HALF what it now costs, as they could change their Gold Standard Dollars for U.S. FREE SILVER Dollars and get 2 for 1, so the Grain would cost them but half as much, and you would get but Half as Much as now. In other words, you would then get for ONE BUSHEL of GRAIN what you now get for a HALF BUSHEL. Would you like that kind of a trade?

Exports for 1881. — The entire Exports for 1 year was 884 Million Dollars. Chief among them was:

BREADSTUFFS (wheat, etc.) 270 Million Dollars
COTTON and Goods made of Cotton 261
MINERAL OILS (Crude Petroleum, etc.) 40
WOOD and Goods made from Wood 18
STEEL, and Goods made from Steel 16 1/2
LIVE ANIMALS (or Stock) 16

This list of articles is given to show the Farmers and Planters to what extent they are interested in the Export trade of the U.S., although they may not sell DIRECT, yet their Customers do, and it is to the Gold Standard Countries they sell; hence they should be interested in keeping the U.S. Money the equal of their Money, as they will then get full prices for their Products, and no error can be made in the exchange of their Money for ours, as both would be of the same value. A recent case in shipping money to the U.S. showed a mistake of $70 in $1000, the money being at 44 per cent discount.


By above table we find 282 million dollars of Planters goods — cotton, cotton goods and tobacco — exported in one year, while farmers exported in one year 437 million of wheat, live stock, &c., &c., or both together 719 million dollars' worth in one year.


  1878 1894
Silver Dollars Circulating 5 Million 50 Million
Standard Silver Dollars in Treasury 5 " 360 "
Silver Bullion in Treasury 10 " 125 "
Silver Bullion and Dollars in Treasury 15 " 480 "
Silver Certificates Circulating 0 325 "
Treasury Notes, 1890, Outstanding 0 150 "

LIMITED. — If Farmers put their Cattle in Pasture their range is LIMITED by the Pasture Fence, and they can get them when wanted, but if they turn them into the Public Road their range is UNLIMITED, and when wanted they may never be found. Is it not of more Importance to LIMIT the Coinage of the 54 Cent Silver Dollars to an amount that can be redeemed in 100 Cent Dollars, that they may continue as NOW, the EQUAL of the 100 Cent Dollars?

Cause of Decline in Silver is an INCREASED SUPPLY, and a Greatly REDUCED DEMAND. MORE Mined, and Much less used by other Nations.


BUSINESS. — The Money of a few Firms equal the amount of Business done by them. Thus, A Firm may have $25,000 in Money; If men of good Character, their Credit may be good for as much more; This would be $50,000. If they turn their money 2 times yearly the business done by them would be $100,000. If 4 times a year, it would be $200,000. If 6 times $300,000.

METHODS OF BUSINESS. — To those not experienced in Business methods, I will say, that Wholesale Business is not done on the Slot Machine plan; or the Retail Cash Store plan, where the cash is taken with one hand, and the goods pushed across the counter to the Customer with the other. The Retail Merchant does not carry Coin in Shot Bags and dump it on the Wholesaler's Counter as soon as the Goods are received; but there is a system of CREDIT, or Confidence, that enables the Merchants to either get in some money on the bill of goods they buy, before the payment falls due, or to favor Customers and retain their trade. Instance; A. B. & C. sell to D. & E. a bill of $1,000 on 90 days time. It enables D. & E. to favor their Customers who may not be able to pay until their Crops are made.

When the 90 days have passed, and the payment is due, D. & E. may have only Half the money. Does A. B. & C. sue D. & E. for the amount? No! They say, pay us the $500, you have, and give us your paper, (note,) for the balance. The payment is made, and the note given. A. B. & C. then take the note of D. & E. (with many others perhaps,) to the Bank for Discount; that is they Endorse it (write their name across the back of it, which makes A. B. & C. liable to the Bank for the payment) and the Bank lets A. B. & C. have the $500, less the Discount or pay for the use of the $500,


(say the Discount is $10, they pay A. B. & C. $490, for D. & E.'s note of $500.) The Discount is charged to D. & E.'s account. 90 days more pass, and D. & E. can only pay half of the note again. They pay half, or $250 and give their note as before for the remaining $250, which is Discounted as before and when it falls due the 3rd time it is paid in full. All have been favored and are pleased and New dealings take place between them. This is all brought about through CONFIDENCE or CREDIT. Had there been any noise about upsetting the Money System, the Depositors would have made a "Run on the Banks"; The Bank would have notified A. B. & C. of the "RUN" their Depositors were making on them, and that there would be NO RENEWALS, but that ALL paper MUST be paid WHEN DUE; A. B. & C. in turn notify D. & E. they must pay when due that "the Banks will not renew", and D. & E. in turn stop the Farmers Credit with his Crop yet unmade, and without the means to make it with; Result Farmer can't pay D. & E.; D. and E. can't pay A. B. & C., and A. B. & C. can't pay the Bank; and the Bank can't pay the Depositors, and there is Universal failure. The Silver Trusts are FOES of Labor and Commerce; They are like the Boy that tips the end Brick over and knows the entire row down.

MARSE JOHN. — You black rascal you told me there was lots of small game out here, and I cant find any.

UNCLE JOE. — Well so they iz Marse John, Whir you b in huntin?

MARSE JOHN. — All over; I just came out of that field.

UNCLE JOE. — Well that field's jist full uv Birds, but theyse heerd you shootin over thar in the woods, an theyse all don crep down under the


grass an hid theyselves, just lik you'd do too Marse John ef you heerd a gun, an kno'd they'd shoot you next, an you lik dem little berds, had nothing to shoot back wid, You wou'd fur a fact Marse John; Yaw! Ha! Ha!

Money is just as timid as young birds are, or Marse John either, and when it hears the War Whoop of the "Free Silver" Tongue Shooters, it gets out of the channels of TRADE and hides away till safety is assured, when it returns and enters into Circulation again.

OPTIONAL; with Silver Mine Owners if they Mine Silver, or QUIT, or Sell out if it does not pay. The same Rules apply to Mining as to all other Trades in this Great Country of EQUAL Rights to all, hence they are entitled to no SPECIAL LAWS for their benefit, and to make such Laws for them, would not be JUST to others; it would CLASSIFY, instead of EQUALIZE the rights of AMERICANS, all of whom are EQUALS in the eyes of the LAWS, and it would remove one of the VERY FOUNDATION Stones of this GRAND REPUBLIC.

MACHINE PARTISANS. — They look to SUCCESS ONLY, No Matter how won.

PATRIOT. — One who looks to the WELFARE of their whole Country; who rises above Individuals, Friends, Self, or Party, if essential to the PUBLIC GOOD.

POLITICIAN. — A Follower in Front. He keeps a Step ahead of the Crowd to appear as a Leader and hear their talk, while with a Glance backward over each shoulder to find which way they are likely to go, that he may lead in that direction if it means his Success, although it may mean their Destruction.

STATESMAN. — One well up in the affairs of Government. He moves far in advance of the


people, leading them to Greater light, Better paths, Ignoring success upon Policy alone, but looking to success upon PRINCIPLE, upon which ONLY PERMANENT SUCCESS can be attained. Communities have at times listened to noisy POLITICIANS and given no heed to the SOLID STATESMAN and repented of their error later on, and as they will certainly do should FREE Coinage of Silver become a Law.

There is no
but it's a
and so we use it
to catch them with.
RICH SILVER MINE OWNER (Behind the Scenes.)

CERTIFICATE. — It is a STATEMENT that something has been done. If you have a SILVER Certificate in your pocket, read it. It reads: "This CERTIFIES that there has been Deposited with the Treasurer of the United States 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 SILVER Dollars (as per size of Bill) Payable to the BEARER on Demand."

BEARER. — One who bears, or Presents the Bill for Payment.


DEMAND. — Is a Statement that you want the Money.

GOLD RESERVE. — A fund of GOLD set apart to redeem U.S. Notes that may be presented for payment in Specie. It was deemed best not to let the amount of this fund get less than 100 Million Dollars, though it has been less several times. Jan. 1, 1879 (the day fixed for Resuming Specie payments), the Reserve Fund was 135 ˝ Million Dollars, and in the following 11 Months (Nov. 1, '82) only 11 ź Million dollars in Notes had been presented for Redemption, such was the confidence of the people in the Gov't to redeem its promises. Many laugh at the Frenchman who had a friendly merchant take care of his money for him. He heard he was about to fail and went at once for his money. The Merchant went to his safe to get it for him, when he told him he "did not want if he had it, but if he didn't have it he wanted it," so you see "Frenchy" was just like others, He had CONFIDENCE in his Friend and let his Money Stay, and so did the People, and they let the Gold stay with the Treasurer of the U.S.

The Act to resume Specie payment was approved Jan. 14, 1875, or 4 years before it was to go into effect, so as to give time to provide for it.

GOLD COINS. — The $1 and $20 Gold pieces were authorized by Act of March 3, 1849; the $3 Gold Piece by the act of Feb. 21, 1853. The coinage of the $1 and $3 Gold pieces ceased by act of Sept. 26, 1890. The $1 Gold Dollar was made the UNIT of Value Feb. 12, 1873. But the Silver Dollar was dropped from coinage in 1853, and the act was codified in 1873.

SECTIONAL. — Pertaining to a Section, or a PART only of the Country. Sectional Questions


should not govern in a Free Country. The Free Coinage of Silver is a Sectional Question, and should be Voted down Promptly, and Forever. HENRY CLAY said he Knew no section, "I Know My Country, My WHOLE Country, and Nothing BUT My Country."

BLACK FRIDAY. — September 25th, 1869. Duties on Imports were payable in Gold only then, and Speculators had run the Price of Gold up to near $3.00 the evening before, so that the Business at the Custom Houses had nearly come to a Standstill, hence the Government sold 4 Million dollars in Gold. It broke many speculators, and the price of Gold dropped to about one-half, 1.35. The Sudden loss caused some of the Brokers and Speculators to be Deranged for the time, and they were sent home in Carriages.

CORNER STONE. — GOLD is the very Corner Stone of our Money System, and upon which the other kinds of money rests, or is based, as well might the light work of a Tower, or upper part of a building complain because they are not Foundation Stones, for which they are as unfitted, as are Silver Dollars for the Basis, or Foundation of our Currency, or Money System.

RECIPROCITY. — Mutual Exchange; A Treaty between Nations, granting equal Privileges as to Customs Duty on Imports, &c. High Tariff or Duty on Goods from other Nations causes them to place High Tariff on goods from the U.S. thus stopping our Exporting Products to those Countries (Reciprocating trade).

EXCHANGE. — Bills of Exchange are orders from a Bank to a distant Bank for the payment of money for their patrons. They prevent the trouble and risk of sending the amounts each


time. They are usually drawn on Commercial Centers.

Give us SOUND Democracy and HONEST Money!
DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL. We Are Old-Time Democrats! ME Too!
The OLD SOLID Democratic GROUND Suits us to a Dot.

COMMERCIAL CENTER. — Cities where much Trading is done, Goods and Produce and Stock of all kinds bought and sold, and Large amounts of Money kept on Deposit for the volume of Trade. NEW YORK, CHICAGO, BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA, NEW ORLEANS, are large Commercial Centers.

MONEY METALS. — Are articles of Commerce, (commodities), and the TRUE measure of their values is the amount of the world's Goods they will buy. GOLD buys TWICE as much as SILVER will buy, 2100 times as much as COPPER will buy. Silver buys 70 times as much as Copper will buy (were Copper a Legal Tender).



One who makes believe to do impossible things. He may show the audience an empty Hat, and then take out of the hat by the ears a big trembling Rabbit, others can't do it; Its a trick; "Sleight of hand." Solid Business Men often flatter "Free Coinage" men by terming them "Financial Magicians," but the comparison is unjust to the Magicians, because for a cheap ticket they do take the Rabbit from the hat, and do all other Tricks they advertise to do, but the "Free Silver" men can never perform the Trick of coining $1 worth of Silver into $2 of FULL Value as they advertise from the stump and in their papers to do, until they can upset all rules of Arithmetic. 1 is NOT 2, but 1 and 1 are 2, hence do not be misled by men who can


not perform like the Magicians, but fail in the very first trick, and the great drawing trick on the programme, and whose price of admission may be the half or whole of your property. If they could do it, you don't want Magic Dollars, that they alone can Juggle into 100 cents. You want plain common sense money that goes everywhere for a fill dollar.

A CRAZY BOOKKEEPER. — An old Bookkeeper after a spell of sickness was unable to balance his books. It had to be done by another. The mistake he made was, "Once One is TWO." He was sent to the Asylum. A Friend visited him. He kept repeating it: "Once one is TWO." His Friend corrected him; said he, Once One is ONE! "Yes, Once One is One." But then he went on again: "Once One is TWO." It was a pitiable case. But that is the very calculation the Free Silver Trusts are making for the American People, a Calculation known by every pupil in our Public Schools to be False.

EXPRESSION. — Some years ago, when the United States Fish Commissioner went to an Eastern Fishing settlement to plant Fish Spawn, he told the Fishermen he had "come to make Fish CHEAP," and they were ready to Mob him. He saw his error, and said, "I have come to make Fish PLENTIFUL," then they were ready to embrace him. Instead of taking away their living, he would make it easier for them, as he would make Fish more abundant. He did just what he went to do, but he expressed it two different ways. Yet he told them the TRUTH.

The Silver Trusts seem to have studied Expression, and they use the FALSE EXPRESSION of "FREE SILVER" to entrap the Workmen and Farmers who are not Wide Awake, and who if they vote for Free Coinage


may awaken to find that instead of "FREE SILVER" it means an ENSLAVED, or TAX-BURDENED People!

This is the class of men who would suffer most by the Free, Unlimited and Independent Coinage of Silver, Men whose daily bread depends upon their daily toil, Men whom it is a crime to deceive and impoverish in order to enrich Selfish Silver Trusts, Men whose return for honest toil will be dollars of only HALF value, when they should be, as NOW, dollars of FULL or Par value.

Which is Greatest?

Country is MUCH greater than Man, Section and Party combined, and the good of the Country demands the UNION of PATRIOTS to crush FOREVER the "Free, Unlimited, and Independent Coinage of Silver," behind which may lurk evil untold, and which every Patriot should aim to avoid.


HOW TO DO IT. — The way to increase the circulation without Coining any more of either Gold or Silver, or printing any more Bank Notes is to keep as quiet as an old Darkey when he's got a "nibble." The money will then venture out into the Channels of Commerce and circulate; Change hands several times a year. What is wanted is NOT "more money," but MORE CIRCULATION of the money we now have. We have 1802 Million Dollars. Let QUIET reign. INVITE it from its Hiding places, and it will seek investment and benefit the Masses of the people at once! Capital should turn at least every three months, or 4 times a year. Multiply 1802 Million by 4 and we have the immense sum of 7208 Million of Par Dollars CIRCULATING, instead of only 1802 Million, half of which is standing still, and the other half 900 Million hiding away. What the Country wants is a Financial Lullaby, instead of Inflammatory, and Anarchistic Harangues on the Money Question. TRY IT! An instance: A Farmer went to the County Seat on Court day. He owed Money. He paid off part of the debt with a $60 NOTE of a Well Known and Reliable Man, (not a Repudiator,) This Note was in turn paid by the 2nd Farmer to a 3rd, and so on till it had changed hands enough times to pay a total amount of over $2,000. You see $60, paid over $2,000. That Note was a valuable Circulating Medium. Why? Because very Farmer that saw it knew the Honesty of the Maker of the note, that it would be paid at maturity, and were glad to get it. There was no fear. It seems the SILVER TRUSTS FEAR PEACE and a RETURN of PROSPERITY, and would LOCK the WHEELS of COMMERCE until their object is accomplished. They would AGITATE and HINDER until their point is gained.


STANDARD SILVER DOLLARS were dropped from Coinage by act of Feb 21st, 1853. In 1873, finding NO SILVER DOLLARS CIRCULATED SINCE 1840, Congress in Codifying the Mint Laws continued to omit the Coinage of Silver Dollars, but in 1878, not only FULL LEGAL TENDER power was given them, but an average of 3 Million Dollars were coined each month. This continued until the act of July 14th, 1890, (the Sherman Bill) when it was changed from 3 Million to 4 ˝ Million ounces per month until Nov. 1st, 1893, when the "Sherman Bill" after much difficulty was repealed.

TRADE DOLLARS. — A coined Ingot for Traders; was included by error with Silver "Change," and with it made a Legal Tender for $5, until 1876. They were INDIVIDUAL money, and though 7 ˝ grains heavier than United States Silver Dollars are worth to-day only 55 cents, their bullion value, there being about 1 cent's worth more silver in them than in the United States silver dollar. Surely, they are a standing object lesson. WE need not wait for a Free Coinage act to find out what Dollars would be worth, for Free Coinage would be Individual money, just as Trade dollars now are, and if any Free Silver leaders will get any reputable Banker to take them at par (100 cents) Jack Squaredeal will at once give him $5 gold, but he won't deposit at such a Shaky Bank.

IRON AND STEEL can be enhanced by manufacture to a much greater value than Silver. $5 in value of Iron and Steel if made into Horse Shoes is wroth $10, Nails $55, Cutlery Blades $29,000, Watch Springs $250,000. There is a constant demand for the above, and other useful articles made from these 2 chief ESSENTIALS, while NON-ESSENTIAL Silver is used more in articles


of luxury, and is destined to be rapidly superseded as the merits of ALUMINUM become better known, because it is a much lighter, and a PURE metal. Silver will tarnish in the presence of Sulphur, (sulphide of sulphur being formed), and for that reason Silver Watches are not worn by India Rubber Stores Clerks because of the Sulphur in the Rubber tarnishing the Silver although it does not come in contact with it. It acts catalytically (or by the mere influence of its presence). Aluminum can by the new process (from Fire clay by electricity) be produced in unlimited quantities at about 50 cents a lb., and it is now predicted that 10 years hence silver will not be seen (except as Relics) on Sideboards, but will be superseded by the superior and cheaper Pure metal, Aluminum.

BEANS. — How many Beans make 5? That is a question of our Childhood, and no one has ever yet answered it correctly with less than 5 beans. If any of the "Free Coinage" men can do it with less than 5, then believe his theory on Silver; but if he can't do it, reject it, for his theory is not true.

4TH OF JULY. — It always comes on the 4th day of that month. If the "Free Coinage" men can make that date come on the 2d day of July instead of the 4th of July, then his ability may convince us that he can DOUBLE THE VALUE of Silver by Changing its SHAPE only, without adding to its WEIGHT which would be NECESSARY to add to its VALUE.

ALCHEMY. — It taught that GOLD could be made from baser metals. It belongs to a past age. EVERYBODY knows better now. But in its day it had its believers and devotees (although it was false,) as "Free Coinage"


now has, and people think that they are now enlightened, and abandon "Silver" as a Standard or Unit of Value. Venezuela abandoned the Silver as a Standard June 19, 1896, making 26 Nations that now have the Single GOLD Standard of Value, and other Nations will follow as fast as they are able and realize the advantage of a Standard of fixed and Universally recognized value, without which Foreign Commerce can not be Profitably conducted, Home products maintain a fixed value, nor the nation itself command the respect or enjoy the confidence of the 1st Class Nations of the World, with whom we should march abreast in the great army of Progress to solid wealth, Prosperity and consequent Power.

SILVER DOLLARS. — Are a FULL Legal Tender, or for an UNLIMITED amount.

SILVER "CHANGE." — Subsidiary Silver coin, (50 cents and under), is a Limited Legal Tender, for $10 and under. SILVER DOLLARS were made FULL LEGAL TENDER by the act of Feb. 28, 1878, since which date to 1895, 397 millions of Silver Dollars have been coined. It being an average yearly increase of ratio of coinage since '78 of 2500 times over the coinage before 1878.

DEMONETIZE. — To withdraw from use as Money. Silver was NOT Demonetized, as 50 times as many Silver Dollars have been coined since 1878, as there was from the 1st Coinage (1792) to 1878, so that instead of having been "demonetized," or withdrawn from use, it was been MULTI-monetized or greatly INCREASED in USE AS MONEY, and by supporting it with the Single GOLD Unit, its use has been at a very false value, and is to-day used at Double its actual value. So it is that when people NEED NOTHING that they get dissatisfied and want that which they do not


need, and which may end in their destruction. They invite Disaster and ruin, just as Children invite Cholera by eating unripe Fruit.

A BRIEF, PRETTY HISTORY. — "There was a little city, and few men within it, and there came a Great King against it, and built Great Bulwarks against it, and besieged it; and there was found in that city a Poor, Wise Man; and he by his Wisdom Delivered the City. Yet no man remembered that same poor man!" Such is the treatment of Statesmen, the true friends of the People. Another:

"TAKUPI." — "He was a Prime Minister of a Fertile Country. Any advantage that could be had from Arts, Learning, Commerce, or safety of the State blessed the People. All Needs were supplied. They now imagined new Needs, and one of those needs was a New Prime Minister. They complained to the Queen about him, and a day was set to hear the case. 3 witnesses came. The 1st was a Fish Carrier. He said they had carried Fish in a Hamper on one side of a Horse, and a Stone on the other side to balance it, but that Takupi had them balance one Hamper with another, and had done away with the stone, and he thought he had been Bribed by the Hamper makers to do it. The court looked grave, and shook their heads. The 2nd witness charged Takupi with taking down an old ruin that stood in the middle of a Main Street. He said he should have let it stay till it tumbled down, as it showed how little the ancients knew of Architecture. The 3rd witness was a widow. She said Takupi would not let her burn herself to death on the Funeral Pile of her Husband. What! said the Queen, Not let a woman burn herself to death if she thinks


proper? You must not keep my sex from doing as they like, I could pardon the 2 1st offenses, but for this, never. You are banished form my presence forever. Takupi seeing he was in for it said, Great Queen I own to the offense. As I am to be banished I beg to be sent to some ruined Town, I have Governed, I will try to improve the soil, and bring back habits of Industry to the People. The Queen agreed, and sent a Courtier to find such a place. After some months he came back and said he could find none. Alas, said Takupi to the Queen, How can that country be ill Governed that has not a ruined Town or Deserted village in it? The Queen saw how unjust she had been, and forgave him, and received him into more than former favor."

DUTY. — At the beginning of the Civil War two officers of the Regular army visited an ex-officer, who afterwards became a Confederate General. They told him they would resign later and join the Confederate army. Said he to them: Resign NOW if you are not in accord with the Federal Administration! Take no pay from a government you do not endorse!

At a Banquet to the Duke of Wellington in London he spoke of the Birkenhead that went down off the Coast of Africa, and as she went under the waves to certain death, the Men fired the Guns (a Salute of Triumph). The Duke, in alluding to this, said nothing of their Patriotism, and it was remarked by the company. He repeated what he had said, and added: "When a man puts his name on the pay roll of a Government, his whole time and Duty is to that government, and he should give it his very best service and accomplish all he can, but when an outsider, unpaid, does a Brave act, He is a Patriot. When a Man enrolls himself in her Majesty's service, he has only to consider DUTY to the Government! Loyalty to the British


Crown! But there is no Patriotism in anything he may do." It was a cold fact and plainly stated, by one whose system and discipline enabled him with a Mixed Army (from 5 Nations, some of which were Raw Recruits), to defeat The World's Greatest Warrior, Napoleon Bonaparte, whose veteran Troops fought as if inspired with the belief that no Circumstances could defeat their Commander, the world's greatest Warrior.

From February, 1878, to July, 1890 (149 months), an average of 3 million OZS. of Silver, (94 Tons) per month, was bought by the government of the Silver owners, or a total of 14 thousand tons. July 14th, 1890, this appalling amount was increased by the "Sherman bill" to 4 ˝ million OZS. (140 Tons) a month, until the repeal of the "Sherman bill," November, 1893, or 40 months.

149 months, 94 tons a month = 14,000 tons
40 months, 140 tons a month = 5,600 "
making an immense total of 19,600 "

19 thousand, 6 hundred TONS of silver, bought by the government since 1878.

What amount was bought of Farmers, Factories, Iron, Coal, and other miners by the government during this time? $000,000,000. Yet the burden of these men who produce ESSENTIALS was increased to buy of Silver Trusts this NON-ESSENTIAL Silver.

METAPHYSICS. — The old Scotchman said, "When the Speaker didn't know what he was talking about; and his hearers didn't know what he was talking about; nor altogether didn't know what it was all about; that that was Metaphysics." Now there is "Free Silver" for you in a Nutshell. This silver racket is a racket without reason, as the Silver Dollars are buoyed up by GOLD to 100 Cents, or DOUBLE their REAL value. Truly they


can't explain what the Racket is about. They are like the child that cried because given more candy than it could eat, or Sambo, who fussed because 5 melons were given him, and he could only eat 3, and the others were too heavy to tote and too good to leave behind.

AFRICAN SLAVERY. — It was Sectional. It was made a Pretext for War. The People had Nothing against each other, but the Politicians did, and they rushed, (Precipitated) the People into a Civil Wear, for which we are Taxed $140 Million Dollars a year, now, in Pensions, to say nothing of the loss of Friends and Property. Do we want War again? A Civil War at that? Surely not! Then Guard against ALL SECTIONAL Measures from which no possible good can come! Men talk at times of wanting a War to show their devotion to their Country's Flag etc. Advocating Conservative, Patriotic, Peaceful Measures is far the best way to show Devotion to the Flag of ones Country. PEACE and PROSPERITY go hand in hand.


Don't Forget —

DON'T FORGET that a Single STANDARD is NOT a Single Currency, as Free Coinage Men would have you believe. A Single Currency is ONE KIND of MONEY OLNY, while a SINGLE GOLD STANDARD is the BASIS for the use of MANY KINDS OF MONEY, as we now see in the U.S. Just as the Inch is the basis or unit of the Carpenter's 2 foot rule, the YARDSTICK by which man yards of goods, or the Tape Line by which many acres of land are measured.

DON'T FORGET, FARMERS, PLANTERS, and FACTORS of the U.S., that the yearly balance in favor of the U.S. is, and has been for 10 years past, $250 Million Dollars, and that a "Free Coinage" act would reduce it from 250 Million to 125 Million Dollars only. Are you ready for such a blind, Needless Sacrifice!

DON'T FORGET that "Free Coinage" of Silver is NOT an experiment of a DAY, but a Generation, and that the kind of Money you vote for, your CHILDREN will have to use! Do you want them to have BAD MONEY?

If not keep your eye on the greedy silver TRUSTS. Keep both eyes on them if you can.

DON'T FORGET to divide $625,000,000 (Gold we now have, 1895) by $40,000,000, (Silver Capacity of U.S. Mints a year), if you want to know how long it will take to "TRY" Free Coinage of Silver. But really the $150 Million of Coin Certificates should be added


to the amount of Gold, because they are redeemable in Gold, and would Disappear with Gold. Also add the Gold that has been coined since (about 40 Million).

DON'T FORGET that when "Free Coinage" men say they want a Double Standard (which they know the "Gresham Law" forbids), they mean a HALF STANDARD, or a Standard of HALF VALUE, for they well know that Corporations, Brokers, SPECULATORS, and others would soon own it all. WHY? Because they know its value, which, we fear, the Public does not. Don't be HOODWINKED by the "Free Coinage" folks. They KNOW the Gold will go out of the country, and their aim is to make it go, and go Quick, so they can TRY to fill its place with Silver.

DON'T FORGET that 1/14 of a CENT difference in value will DRIVE the DEARER DOLLAR out of the Country. So stated by Baring the Great Bankers, and then —

DON'T FORGET that there is a difference in value RIGHT NOW of 46 cents in favor of the Gold $ over the Silver $ of the U.S., and that the difference may be greater if Free Coinage is enacted.

DON'T FORGET that the 10 Silver States have a Population of only 2/5 that of the State of New York, yet they have 29 U.S. Senators, or 10 times as many as that Great Commercial State has, Then ask yourselves where "EQUAL RIGHTS" come in?

DON'T FORGET that every Tub sits on its own bottom, and NOT on the bottom of another TUB, and that every man in this Great Republic is a FREE AGENT to think and act for himself, hence don't let the Politician's Brain do your thinking, or you may awaken


to find your Property drifting from you for their Personal gain.

DON'T FORGET that they DON'T propose to DIVIDE their Profits on the silver scheme with you! nor stop the foreclosure of the mortgage on your property.

DON'T FORGET. — That when President Grant heard the Department was buying Bullion from a Mine in which he was a Stockholder, he at once sold his Shares regardless of Market price or real value.

DON'T FORGET that the Cartage alone on Bullion is $14,000 a year; that Gold weighs only 1/16 as much as Silver; that it can be coined 20 times as fast as Silver, and that it is 31 times more valuable than Silver.

DON'T FORGET that "Hard Times" are NOT caused by "lack of Money," but they are caused by LACK of CONFIDENCE, or CREDIT, and Political agitators.

DON'T FORGET that the "Machine Politician's" Motto is: "There's no Succeeding like Success (If they gain by it for the time)!" while the STATESMAN'S Motto is: "THERE can be NO SUCCESS UNLESS BASED UPON PRINCIPLE!"

DON'T FORGET QUALITY and WEIGHT only of metal can give Value to Coin, and NOT the GOV'T Stamp.

DON'T FORGET that the "Latin UNION" (5 countries that used the French Franc) after agreeing to keep both GOLD and SILVER on a Parity, became so embarrassed with their accumulation of Silver that they closed their mints to Silver in 1878. And they further resolved that each of the countries forming the Union should redeem the Silver they had put in Circulation with GOLD.


DON'T FORGET that it takes 2 Halves to make a Whole, (Dollar, or anything), and that it can not be done with One Half only.

RULES of Arithmetic that can not be upset!

DON'T FORGET that it takes 5 BEANS to make FIVE, and NO LESS Number.

DON'T FORGET that NOT ONE of the "Free Coinage" Advocates that has the courage to give you $1 for a HALF DOLLAR, though they know it would result in everybody having to do it, yet they are not quite ready for the trade when you place the actual transaction (they are trying to beguile you into) before them.

DON'T FORGET that "Free Coinage of Silver" is a BUSINESS Question, and that the Conservative BUSINESS Men of the Country will settle it in a Prompt Business way, at the Polls in Nov'r.

DON'T FORGET that Silver not only declines as a Money Metal, but it will be of less value in the arts, as Nickel, and that New and Pure Metal, ALUMINUM becomes better known. Aluminum is lighter, and will not tarnish. Nickel will not tarnish as quick as Silver, but it is harder to restore after it does tarnish.


DON'T FORGET that "Free Coinage of Silver" is an organized attack on our National Credit; It tends to Repudiation, and this alone should make every patriot think well before he votes for it.

DON'T FORGET that many are for "Free Coinage of Silver," not because they think it right, but because they think to spite Cleveland and Carlisle.

DON'T FORGET to think well before acting, and to look at every side of every question before voting on it. If you don't it may cease to be a government of the PEOPLE FOR the PEOPLE and BY the PEOPLE before you are aware of, or ready for it. The greatest vigilance is essential if you cherish and would for all time hold dear the freedom bequeathed by the founders of this government.

DON'T FORGET that MONEY is universally desired, but that it is greatly overvalued when Principle is sacrificed to obtain it. We work for it; Lawyers plead and scheme for it; Merchants trade and cheat for it; Soldiers fight for it; Parsons Preach many roads to Heaven for it; Sportsmen gamble for it; Doctors Practice and kill for it; Undertakes and grave diggers will bury you "out of sight" for it, and only the true Philosophers enjoy it at last. If worth striving for, we should have it of the best.; Then let us all prove to be philosophers by arraying ourselves against any and all attempts to reduce the value of our Dollars by substituting for the SINGLE GOLD STANDARD we now have, and upon which all other kinds of Money of the U.S. is based, and which keeps them at 100 cents in value, so that when we do get hold of a Dollar we know that it is NOT a "Snide" Dollar, but


one that will pass anywhere we may be, for as much as any Dollar in the wide world.

DON'T FORGET that "Free Coinage" would CRUSH DEBTORS. Why? Because Creditors fearing they would be paid in HALF value Silver Money, would Demand Payment when due, whether Debtors had it or not. Further time would not be Granted them. Self-Interest is the first Law of Nature, and Creditors would sell the Property of Debtors, (no matter how little it may bring) in order to Protect themselves.

DON'T FORGET that Grover Cleveland and John G. Carlisle are as Staunch Friends as Silver ever had. In Proof of it they have kept it EQUAL in value with The Gold, (which is twice as valuable as Silver,) by keeping its Coinage within a Limit that it can be redeemed in GOLD, so that a Silver Dollar is to-day as good as a Gold Dollar; but enact a "FREE, UNLIMITED and INDEPENDENT COINAGE of SILVER" act and you'll think a CYCLONE has struck your Pocket Book and your Property, so quick will it change in value. Too late to change your mind after your Business and Property are wrecked. Open your eyes NOW! Be wise in time!!!

DON'T FORGET that LABOR does not want its Wages in Dollars of only HALF value, and that FARMERS and PLANTERS don't want DOLLARS of HALF Value for their Products, and the more mouths to be fed and backs to clothe, the worse inferior money is on them, as the essentials of life advance faster, and more than Wages do.

DON'T FORGET that we Never had as good money as we have had sine the '70's, (every $ worth 100 Cents), and that whatever change is made at any future time the dollars


will not be wroth over 100 cents, as 100 cents constitute the Dollar.

DON'T FORGET that Venezuela "forbade the Importing of FOREIGN Silver in 1886," but that ALL GOLD COINS and VENEZUELA Silver Dollars were not allowed to be Imported. WHY? Because Silver Bullion being so low in price, Foreigners coined Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars EXACTLY LIKE the Venezuela Silver Dollars. As there is NOW 46 cents PROFIT on EVERY DOLLAR that can be coined from Silver, and passed for $1, there were Colossal Fortunes in it. Since the Discovery of this Gigantic FRAUD and CRIME against the Coin of Venezuela, it is said that in CUACOA, the Venezuela Silver Dollars were taken only at half value, although they contained as much or more Silver than the Venezuela Dollars, yet they would soon be rejected entirely. The Standard Silver Dollars were Counterfeits, as much as if made of Lead, not being done by authority of the government.

DON'T FORGET that if any American is caught at this criminal business, that he would set up a Howl, and try to involve us in War with a Friendly Republic because of the injuries she had already suffered at our hands, and that compensation rather than War would be due her.

DON'T FORGET that Stealing is Stealing, no matter whether one steals from one of another Country or our own, whether under the name of Repudiation, Kleptomania, or any other name It is Stealing just the same. When the Jury in the Hog Thief case came in, the Rascally Lawyer turned to the Hog


Thief, (his Client) and said "the verdict is Guilty" Hey? said his Client; They say you're "Guilty," said the Lawyer in a louder tone, Hey? said Client, "Guilty" shouted the Lawyer, In what degree? said the thief. No degree said the Lawyer, There's no Degrees in theft, Stealing is Stealing, that's all. Guilty all over, then, am I? Yes. Well, yelled the Thief, "I told you I was Guilty before you took the case, and you told me you could clear me." The lawyer was right; stealing is stealing. You may call it National Bankruptcy, if you like; but its stealing just the same.

DON'T FORGET the "Force Bill" of which you heard so much during the past few years! And then —

DON'T FORGET that the WORST FORCE BILL that could be enacted in the U.S. would be a Free Coinage of Silver Legal Tender act, FORCING all to take 54 cents or less, for $1, and that you should not only VOTE but influence every man his Neighbor AGAINST such a BIG, PLAIN FRAUD.

Factory Closed; I am idle and barefoot, I'll take his shoe!
Officer: All right. Take both shoes.

DON'T FORGET that you know what money you now have, while what you may have is a matter of Faith only. Knowledge is always


better than Faith, as the boy found when he took a Ladle of Sugar from the kettle while his Mother's back was turned, only to find he had a Mouthful of strong Soap. It was not Sugar, but nearer to it in value than Silver is to Gold.

DON'T FORGET to think with your Thinker, and you'll acquit yourselves like Men, worthy of this Great "Land of the Free," and bury by a DECISIVE Majority, and FOR ALL TIME this HUGE SECTIONAL FRAUD, known as the Free Unlimited, and Independent Coinage of Silver! Vote for NATIONAL Measures ONLY! and ALWAYS.

DON'T FORGET that the New York Clearing House has adjusted as high as 48 Billion Dollars a year (three-fifths of the business of the entire Country,) by means of Bills of Exchange, Drafts, Checks, &c.

DON'T FORGET that The London Clearing House adjusts the Business of the World, that they have had a single Gold Standard since 1816, and then don't let Politicians make you believe You don't want their trade for your Produce, nor that you don't want their GOOD Money in return for your Products. London is the HUB of the wheel of the world's commerce, of which the United States is one spoke only.

DON'T FORGET that the Drug Business is very dull, That Patent Medicines are sold at Cost or below Cost. If the Gov't would buy 4 ˝ Million Bottles of Patent Medicine every month, it might improve the Drug Business some, eh? It wouldn't be right, but it would be nearer right than the "SHERMAN BILL" was, for it bought 4 ˝ Million oz's of Silver per month, thus benefiting a Section (ONE PART) of the country, while the Drug Bill


would be NATIONAL, as it would benefit Druggists all over the Land.

DON'T FORGET that the Dry Goods Business is very dull, and no money is made they say. If the Gov't would only buy 4 ˝ Million Dollars worth of Calico, Cotton, Silk, &c, every month, no doubt the business would be better, but be sure and —

DON'T FORGET that the Grocers are complaining the very same way, and PATERNALISM might be just as acceptable there, as with the Silver, Drug and Dry Goods men, and all together would surely "make trade look up" but where the money would come from unless from the taxes of the People not in those special trades as well as others, I do not know. This may seem Ridiculous to you. I want it to seem that way, because I want you to see how ridiculously the U.S. as a Nation has acted intolerating the UNJUST "SHERMAN BILL" as long as they did, when they had no more use for the Cumbrous Silver than they would have had for the DRUGS, DRY GOODS, or GROCERIES, and the Drug, Dry Goods, and Groceries would have had the advantage of being NATIONAL, while the Silver Purchase was a strictly SECTIONAL Measure. It may be the Dressmakers and Milliners would not object to a bill buying 4 ˝ millions of Dresses, Bonnets, Ribbons, &c., per month of them, and why not treat all alike while about it? And, oh, how happy it would make the women folks one and all!

DON'T FORGET that a method of the Free Coinage men is to turn attention from the real issue before them. It was so over 1,800 years ago. It is so to-day. At EPHESUS there was a vast and beautiful Temple of Diana, a GOD made with hands, an IDOL.


That great Herald of Light, the Apostle PAUL, came Preaching CHRIST, and with such effect that Sorcerers, Magicians and other Converts burned in the Public Streets several thousand dollars wroth of their false books. The Temple was 425 feet long and 220 feet wide, and many SILVERSMITHS made their living making little Silver models of the Temple with DIANA'S Image in it, hence when PAUL came the Silversmiths met, and fearing their Trade was in danger, told the people that the "Temple would be destroyed, that worshipers would cease to come to that city (Ephesus)," and DEMETRIUS, a Silversmith, harangued the People and his fellow Craftsmen until the whole city was in an uproar; they shouted "Great is DIANA!" The Town Clerk had to quiet them and dismiss the meeting. They did not try to prove Christianity untrue, but they tried to excite the prejudice of the people and make them believe PAUL was driving trade from their city, &c. It is so to-day; Many speakers Parrot what other speakers say, not knowing what it means themselves, hence incapable of teaching others. Those that do know, Side-Track MAIN issues, and Main-Track SIDE Issues, and this book warns all persons to heed that only which appeals to their reason, and to Think well before acting, if they would vote wisely and well upon any question.

DON'T FORGET that the result of a Free Coinage act would be FORCED SETTLEMENTS which would close every Factory in the land, and cause General Ruin, forcing Property from its Owners, and men worth thousands to-day, would face Bankruptcy to-morrow.

DON'T FORGET that the N.Y. Clearing House aided greatly in resuming specie payments


and received all balances due it on checks, and agreed to accept Legal Tender Notes in payment of Gov't Checks and Drafts of all kinds, as all Interest bearing Checks, as well as checks used in payment of Called Bonds were payable in Coin. This agreement of the Clearing House through which nearly all Checks passed relieved the Treasury almost entirely from making actual Coin payments after the date of Resumption. This Necessity removed, there was no longer a necessity for requiring duties to be paid in Coin as per law. The Secretary of the Treasury authorized Notes to be received in payment of Duties Jan. 1st, '79 (when Resumption took place), the notes to be redeemed in Coin at N.Y. on Gov't account when needed.

DON'T FORGET that while Free Coinage men complain of Bond Issues, they have been demanding on Coin Certificates Gold, in payment for their Silver Bullion, hoping to Bankrupt the Gold Fund of the U.S., and FORCE the sale of MORE BONDS, or the use of Silver only as the Money of the U.S. Coin Certificates can be paid in coin, (Gold or Silver,) at the option of the Government, but if they Demand Gold, if paid in Silver the parity, or Equality, would be broken, and they would quickly tell it abroad that the Government could not redeem its notes in gold.

DON'T FORGET that Uncle Sam was mired in a Money Bog from the issue of Inflated Currency (1862) until Jan. 1, 1879, when he, after great Labor and sacrifice, was lifted out of it, and stood squarely on Solid Ground again, by resuming Specie Payments, and with the return to Par values came a REVIVAL of BUSINESS and a BIG DEMAND for LABOR of all Kinds, and that Confidence so needful for all Business


Enterprises had grown step by step with every movement made toward a Par, Specie Basis.

DON'T FORGET that Gold is the very LIFE BUOY of Silver, and that Uncle Sam limiting the coinage of Silver within an amount that can be redeemed in Gold, is WHY the Silver Dollars to-day pass at 100 cents (or 46 cents MORE than their actual value). But without the Gold backing, or under FREE, UNLIMITED, and INDEPENDENT Coinage they would pass at their REAL value, viz. 54 Cents or less.

DON'T FORGET to honor the Patriotic Bankers of the East for exchanging $25,000,000 gold for greenbacks to prevent the Treasury being emptied of gold by the Silver Trusts agencies.

DON'T FORGET that it is a STRONG point with some of those who Harangue for "Free Silver" that Silver is the "Money of the CONSTITUTION!" This is either IGONRANCE or DESIGN, as the Constitution names NEITHER Gold or Silver as National Money. I quote Article 1, Section 8, Page 20, U.S. Revised Statutes: "Congress shall have power to Coin Money, regulate the value thereof, and of Foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures." So you see that while Metal Money is implied, neither Gold, Silver, or Copper are named. Now that is all the constitution says about our money for National use. Regarding the STATES Article 1, Section 10, says: "No STATE shall coin Money; Emit Bills of Credit; make anything but Gold and Silver Coin a Tender in payment of debts; pass any Bill of attainder, expost facto law, or law impairing the obligation of Contracts."


The Constitution also says, Article VI, page 27: "ALL Debts contracted, and engagements entered into before the adoption of this CONSTITUTION shall be as VALID against the UNITED STATES under this Constitution, as under the CONFEDERATION."

This with the Act of JULY 14, 1870, for REFUNDING the National debt, which says: "Payments SHALL be made IN Coin of the PRESENT STANDARD of VALUE." Repudiators are Welcome to any comfort they can find in the expressions in either the Constitution, or the act of 1878.

DON'T FORGET that there is NO Cohesive Power in the "Free Silver" forces. It is a Clamor of Confused Clans. It is a Raft without Thongs to bind the Logs together, The elements of its own destruction are within it; The Leaders are actuated by Spoils and Speculation; the Followers have been misled and buoyed up by Quixotic Promises that can never be realized. The Silver Trusts are Aliens to the Commonwealth of JEFFERSON, and Strangers to the Covenants of OLD TIME DEMOCRACY. They MUST go to pieces (Politically), when the Facts are Properly placed before the People. People seek LIGHT; and when light dawns, they are SURE to BOLT "FREE Silver!"

DON'T FORGET that the HORSE Market is VERY Dull, But it is not due to the use of GOOD Money; but may be partly due to the use of Good Street Cars and Good Bicycles? Is it proposed to banish Street Cars and Bicycles from the Country? as the Free Coinage men would BANISH the GOLD under the GRESHAM LAW by Free Coinage of Silver? Verily not.


DON'T FORGET Patriots! that in UNION there is STRENGTH and VICOTRY, and that in Division there is Weakness, and Defeat! and that an army of peaceful, business, Common Sense Ballots will be a Heroic and Successful dose for the Malady of the Scheming Silver-Mine owning Monopolists.

[Image too poor to reproduce.]
Don't let your Neighbors forget it either!

DON'T FORGET to keep before the People the FACTS, 1st, That Silver is a NON-ESSENTIAL. 2d, That there is no such thing as "FREE SILVER" (except as a Catch Term). 3d, That the FREE, UNLIMITED, and INDEPENDENT Coinage of Silver is as SECTIONAL as AFRICAN SLAVERY was, and that ALL SECTIONAL Legislation is DANGEROUS to our REPUBLIC, and the WELFARE of our People; that it may not only mean the SACRIFICE of PROPERTY, but the severing of all ties of FRIENDS and FAMILY. 4th, That "Hard Times" were NEVER, at any time, in any Country, caused by GOOD MONEY of FULL, PAR VALUE!

EAR OF CORN. — As the Ear of Corn ahead of the


Hungry mule which the poor brute travels fast for but never reaches; so is "Free Silver" to a deluded people.

DON'T FORGET that the Free Coinage of Silver is not a mere question of Policy, but that it involves National Honor; the Integrity, Character, and even the Oneness of the American People! that it would if successful be an opening wedge for the secession of states, and the establishment of Provinces within the bounds of this great Happy, Prosperous, and United Republic; It would tax ALL PARTS of the country for the benefit of one thinly settled section; It would tax the essential products of Farm, Workshop, Factory, and Mine, even COAL, WOOD IRON, and STEEL would pay tribute to NON-ESSENTIAL SILVER that we could do without, and which we have done without for a span of 38 years without serious inconvenience. It would Paralyze Industry, Display the Red hand of Anarchy among contented people, and grim visaged Want would stalk boldly over the land where ABUNDANT Crops smilingly nod and yield to the Reapers, where COMMERCE halts for the Tempest of the Clans in the SILVER TEAPOT to subside, and FACTORY WHEELS await the signal to revolve again.

Let the knowledge of these facts prove a TRUMPET CALL to summon every Patriot to the Polls and stamp out this financial Heresy as you would stamp the fire from the Garments of YOUR CHILDREN who would inherit all the evil resulting from Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver.

DON'T FORGET that Secretary Carlisle in order to get Silver into Circulation, has offered to pay Expressage on Silver Dollars to any part of the Country, but without success, and there are 496 ˝ Million Silver Dollars and Silver Bullion in the U.S. Treasury to-day.


DON'T FORGET that the Method of warfare on Secretary Carlisle is to quote a PART of his Sentences, thus: In his speech of 1878 he said, "I am OPPOSED to the FREE COINAGE of either Gold or Silver, but * * * in favor of unlimited coinage of both metals upon terms of exact equality." They divide the sentence between the words BUT and IN, omitting the first part, and give it an opposite meaning. Such men are a Drawback to any party, and should be Discountenanced among Men, and such methods show ROTTENNESS in its cause, and hence should determine every Honest man to condemn at the Polls the Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver. It's a BAD cause and a MASKED cause, that requires such deceit and attempted defamation of one whose Public Record is as the driven snow, and whose fidelity to the important Public trust committed to him has proven him a safeguard of the NATIONAL TREASURY, hence a firm BULWARK of the PEOPLE of the whole United States.

DON'T FORGET Workmen and Farmers of the U.S. that the Selfish Silver Trusts can not have a more inviting place for you than was the Parlor of the cunning SPIDER for the innocent FLY, that was before the unsuspecting VICTIM got into it; that then he changed his mind VERY MUCH INDEED, but he NEVER got OUT again. He was a PRISONER, and the SPIDER'S PREY!

The WEB woven by this mixture of American and FOREIGN capitalists, (the SILVER TRUSTS), to CATCH you, is MUCH STRONGER than was the Spider's Web with which he caught the poor Fly, and to change your mind after the Election will do NO MORE GOOD for you, than it did for


the FLY! but your painful O! O!'s will be answered by the TRIUMPHANT Ha! Ha!'s of your captors, and your Property (Farm, Cottage, Life insurance Policy, Building & Loan Stock, Savings Bank Deposit, Benevolent Order Installments, Pension Money,) or whatever Character it may be, will be reduced ONE HALF in value, and perhaps ENTIRELY DESTROYED! Can you afford such a RADICAL Change? If NOT then step OUT of the FREE Coinage Ranks! and direct ALL your Energy AGAINST it! The Interests of yourself, HOME and FAMILY demands this action of you! and demands it PROMPTLY! You know what you NOW have, you know NOT what you may have! Remember the Silly man's Tomb Stone! It read:

"I WAS WELL; I wanted to be BETTER;
I took Medicine; and HERE I lie."

Health did'nt suit this Silly Chap, and in trying to do the IMPOSSIBLE, (feel better than WELL,) He lost his LIFE.

The BEST MONEY "Uncle Sam" has ever had, is that we NOW have, and HAVE HAD since 1873. It is a HEALTHY Currency, that any AMERICAN need NOT hang his Head in presenting at any Counter in the wide, wide WORLD. There is NO Possibility of improving it by "Free Coinage" of SILVER, (thus making a Metal of ONLY HALF its value) the BASIS of CIRCULATION, the UNIT or STANDARD of VALUE, and there is GREAT DANGER of DESTROYING it entirely, just as the WELL man destroyed his Life by taking Medicine to feel BETTER.

DON'T FORGET that America welcomes all good people from abroad, but if any one in the U.S. does not like the DEMOCRATIC theory, "EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL, EXCLUSIVE


PRIVILEGES TO NONE," they are not bound to stay in this country; The way is open for them to go back, and for the good of the U.S. their Baggage will be put on the 1st Out bound vessel FREE of Charge. If they don't go, they must be taught that Anarchy will not be tolerated in this Great American Republic. LABOR can not be warned too strongly against Anarchists, who often during Labor troubles commit outrages for which Honest Labor is UN-justly blamed.


Jack Squaredeal

I dun heerd yore Buk red down at the Stoar. I don't lik it, at awl. Yu want wun whoal Standard uv GOLD, an we want wun HALF Standard uv Silver.
yors trooly,


Both of us!

Why, Jacks, don't you know the yearly ratio of increase of coinage of silver dollars is 2500 times greater since 1878 than it was before 1878?

Jacks — Of course we know it, but we've said so, and we'll stick to it to carry our point.

Hardwork & Farmer, Publishers,

GENTS — I've got a copy of your Book, and I don't like it. It's TOO SIMPLE AND PLAIN; its boiled down too much, and the words in it are too short. The Common People can understand


it, and as soon as they do, they'll Bolt "Free Silver" Sure and leave us to sure defeat.


Messrs. Hardwork & Farmer,

GENTS — I got a copy of your Book; one of the first ones out. I read it, and all that saw mine, got one. We were Free Silver folks, but Square Deal turned on the light so strong that now (like St. Paul) We've Changed. Every Farmer in this county will always take the Best road if there's 2 Roads to the same place, and they're sure to do it if one leads to a better place to trade than the other one does. And now we've read "Squaredeal's Money Primer." We know the Money we now have, based on Gold with the Selfish Agitators of Silver quieted down, (as they will at the Polls next November) is the BEST. The Single Gold Standard with several kinds of Money circulating, based upon it, and regulated by it, will lead us out of the woods to better times, and PLENTY OF THEM, while the Sliding HALF Standard of Silver, (I never did like Trombone Music, nohow,) would lead to profit a few Silver Mine Owners, (not the Men who work the Mines, for they'd be Poorer,) and wreck all the balance of us, the Common People, for WE WOULD BE TAXED to Coin "Free Silver" FOR THEM; besides, we want Gold, too, and they'd drive it all out of the Country with their "CHEAP-JOHN" SILVER.


Friend Squaredeal,

We read the copy of your Book you mailed us, "Money Primer," and I think its all True. But I don't think you ought to give us "Free Silver" men away as you do. Don't you know the People are quick to receive, and equally quick to forget favors, so you'll get no thanks for the good you are doing them, while you are injuring us. The Common people have no right


to think for themselves, Jack. Just let them go on working their Farms, and in their Workshops, and we Politicians can do the thinking for them. Do you want to take away our living? It seems that's what you're trying to do, Jack. Politicians and Spoils Hunters must live, you know, and if you take the Bandage off the People's eyes, after we've Hoodwinked them so successfully, they may understand our tricks, and Bolt us before the Election. Then we'll be left, you know. I do hope you will not let those little Books get to the Cross Road Stores, the Workshops, Factories, and Reading Rooms in the cities. If you do We're gone up, sure.

Now, Jack, as an old Friend we'd ask you to do this anyhow. Won't you hold the books up till after the Election? We're out for the "stuff," you know, and it would embarrass us to get left after the Game is so well Bagged. What difference is it to you if the people are so silly as not to think for themselves and let us "Gull" them under the guise of Friends? It don't hurt you, so quit your Philosophy, your Philanthropy, and, and — your Books. We'll make up a good Purse for you if you won't put any more Books out till after November, and we'll give you the Purse NOW, not then. Now, Jack, may we depend on you as an old Friend to accept our offer and save us?
Your Friends,


This is a cycle. Its tires are full of WIND. It makes no noise, and cycles will run over you in the Streets if you don't look out. They can't do it when the wind is out of the tires.


The Free Coinage Craze is ALL Wind, but Education, Reason and UNITED Patriots will take the wind out of it before November. Then trade will be in no danger.

Hardwork & Farmer:

Say! What in the Halifax and Old Harry did you print Squaredeals little Book fur? He uzed to live in this Deestrickt, and nun uv us thot he'd ever go agin us that way. We Free Silver workers had a sure thing uv it till our people got holt ov his book, an they wade thru it like it wuz an excitin Novel. Up to the time tha saw that, we had them well herded sure, but now they're agoin from us like Sheep ovir a fence. We didn't mind the Big books, nur the Speeches printed in the papers, coz tha wuz so long our folks wudn't read em, an if tha did they wudn't no what a heap uv the terms meant. But here kums this man Squaredeal, turns on them X rays, and makes it awl az plain to em az the Sun in the middle uv a July day. We hate it coz he gives it to em in small doses, Single Lines, Paragraphs, and he bumps the Facts agin em rite in the Middle uv the road, so tha cant dodge him, an cant furgit the facts. He ketches em agoin an acomin, an nocks what we told em into Smithereens.

Its mitey hard on us, fur we had em coralled, an tha believed awl we told em up to then, an we workers wuz to hav big places under the Guvernment when the "Free Silvur" men git in an upset the Civil Service Apple Cart, (but keep this dark,) and turn the other Rascals out, an put us in. It haint awl Promises neither, fur tha are to sprinkle some Cash into our hands az we go along, if we do good work fur them. But if Squaredeals book gits awl ovir the U.S. like it does here, I'm afeard us Free Silver men wont git in power, an then we wont hav no Offis, nur No Munny. It looks as if he had sumthin agin us an wanted to knock the Cup out uv our hand jist as we wuz goin to drink frum it. We wish


you wudn't print moar uv hiz books fur him, an giv us a half a chance at the offises the Free Silver Leaders hav promised us. Will yu do it? Say!

yore obedient servant,

This team won't work; Unhitch 'em quick! or the one
[Image too poor to reproduce.]

Off Side. Lead.

on the off side will destroy the one in the lead!


Dear Jack: Them little Books uv yours go out here like Hot Cakes to Hungry Tramps. They do beat all, and everyone says they are proud uv you bein an Old Hickory County Boy. The Silver chaps say that sence they read that book, they see it all as plain as day, and they wudn't vote "Free Silver" again fur their Grand Daddy's half Brother. They say Squaredeal's little books hits the Nail on the Head, hits it in the Middle uv the Head, and deals it a Sledge Hammer blow too. They say they are "Big Books in Little Covers," and that they are sure 'nuff Eye Openers to all. We read 'em and pass 'em round, and they're grabbed for like scalloped edged Ginger Cakes and Pink Lemonade at a Picnic. They lead us in and learn us all about the Money question almost before we know it. But Jack, the other day we were all at the Crossings waitin' fur our Mail, when up drove the Mail Wagon with Kurnel Brassface on the front seat, (the Kurnel is the Silver canvasser fur this District), well he and the Silver committee of 3, Jake


Letergo, Nick Barsdown, and Billy Blowhard, the only Free Silver men in this County now, sence them Money Primers cum, went into the back room of the opposite store and drank 3 or 4 fingers to the health uv the Kurnel, then the same to the Health uv the Kummittee, then the Kurnel cum over and got up on the Salt Barrels and begun beatin' the air and speakin', then he got to ravin', and looked wild like, says he "I demand that Silver dollars be placed whur they wuz before '73!" Well, we all laffed at him, an Bill Croscut, an Buck Barbwire yelled, Say! Kurnel!! Don't you know we had no Silver Dollars in 1873? nur fur 33 years before '73, nur till '78, 5 yearz after? Say? and don't you know that since 1878 the U.S. average ratio uv coinage uv Silver Dollars every year has been 2500 times as much as it waz before '73? Say? Kurnel you're off, haint you Kurnel? The Kurnel looked Cross, an Sez he, How do you know so much Bill and Buck? You're only a pair uv common Farmers! You're right Kurnel about that, sez they, but we've got Jack Squaredeal's little Money Primers right here in our hip pocket, an they're common sense an' its them that's talkin' thru us, sez Bill an' Buck. Hev you got them — little keen edged things down here a'ready? sez the Kurnel. Yes we hev' sez Buck & Bill, and we wud'nt part with 'em fur Money. They've bin like the Break uv Day to the People uv this County, they took the wool off our eyes, and taught us the Ins & Outs uv the Money question. They told us to think with our Thinkers, and led us out uv the dark Silver Tunnel into the Light uv Midday. Well the Kurnel sulked, he did, and got down off'n them Salt Barrels, and wudn't speak no moar. The Kurnel and the Kommittee went in the back room ag'in an drank another bumper to the success uv Teller, the bolting Republicans uv 2 weeks ago, an' that wuz the last uv Kurnel Brassface an' "Free Silver" here. The Barkeeper said that the Kurnel went fur Squaredeal mitey hard between drinks, an' said you had no sense


to print a book teachin' the common People things they had'nt orter know, an' makin' 'em az smart as the Politicians, etc. Well Jack when "Free Silver" goes to spoutin in these parts agin, ef the speker can't stand a quiz on Squaredeal's Money Primer, his Cake is dough sure, an' he'll be dumped jist az Buck an Bill dumped Kurnel Brassface. Now Jack Keep 'em agoin, an' agoin' lively, coz half the Farmers are in debt, an' "Free" coinage'd Crush 'em. Why I needed a little munny to make my crops, an' improve my barn &c, an' a Friend said he'd let me hav' it but when I went to git it he'd drawed the Note up "payable in GOLD or its Equivalent," an' my security wudn't sign it. Whut kind uv wa' uv doin's that sez I? Well sez he, That Money's az good as Gold Now, Abe, an' I want az good az Gold when I git it back agin, an' I don't know


whut theze Free Coinage men iz agoin' to do. I saw the justis uv his talk, an' got anuther security an' got the munny an' the work is done.

Yore friend,

"I demand that silver dollars be placed whur they wuz before '73!"



Paralyse all TRADE!!
Make the PEOPLE believe the HARD TIMES are caused by SOUND MONEY!!!



Mr. Squaredeal: I see a heap uv yore little books all thru this country, an i spoze you no most everybody, as evrybody seemz to know you, an tha sa yu've learnt em rite smart, more'n tha noed afore in all their livz. Tha awl sa whut yu print fur em goze strat to ther heds, an tha understand it awl. Well Mr Squaredeal, I'm in a Peck uv trubbul rite now, an mabby yu kin help me owt uv it. A nise lukin man kum tu mi hous last year, an stopt with us fur sum tim. He wuz an awful Plezant tawker, an


yude think Butter wudn't melt in hiz mouth on a Hot Day. He stuck to me close like, but he akted shy uv Mirandy, (Mirandy's my wife). He sed he had jist lots uv Munny, an run out uv the noyze an smoak uv the dirty sity tu keep frum makin any moar Munny, an tu git sum air fur hiz lungs, an hav awl the fun he cud. Wun da when we wuz setin under a tree in the shade while the Mulz wuz restin, sez he, "I don't know why it iz but I hav jist tuk a naturul fancy tu yu, an I want yu tu git on the insid an git rich too," an he sed hiz old kustomerz'd awl kum back ef sum one he'd rekommend wud begin, an sez he Frend Green ef yule begin the bizness Ive quit, (to keep from makin any moar munny) an carry it on rite I'll tell yu without pay, coz I want yu tu git along, an mor'n that sez he, I'll spend sum tim gitin the bizness undur way fur yu, an aftur that, awl I'd haf to do 'ud be tu keep on az he'd start me, an set in the Kool offis with an Imported karpit under mi feet an rake in the Free Silver ur any uther kind uv Silver the Pepul 'ud bring me, an fur me not tu turn mi Knoze up at Gold ur Papur. Sez he it'll taik abowt a Thowsand Dollarz tu start it, but when the bizness is wunst started, it goze on furevir (like a womanz tung). Hit Haint lik yore Farm sez he. It don't depend on Rane ur Sunshine. Farmin saiz he, iz good wun yere, an mitey bad fur 2 ur 3 yerz sumtimez, but this Munny Mill that I'm tellin you uv, bringz in the Munny every da except Sunday, an then yu git twict as much on Mundys tu maik up fur it. It kums in awl the tim till u git tired uv it an quit, jist az I did. I told him I hadnt but $100 left frum the sale uv my last krop, an ku'nt rais $1,000. Well he up an told me ef I'd give him my fine Stallion, my yoke uv yung Steerz, a Cow an 6 Hogs, an the $100,he thot mebby he cud arrange tu start the bizness with what he cud raiz on them, but ef not, he'd add enuf tu maik the $1000, himself, owt uv friendship fur me. I askt him whut hiz Munny Mill wuz? Why sez


he "it's a Corn Cure." Sez he therz 70 Million Pepul in the U.S. an purty nigh awl uv em hav Kornz, an ef wun out uv evry 70 by a box, (an he drawed the corner uv hiz eye down az he sed it,) that'l be a mitey small kakulation too, but it'll be a room full uv Munny fur yu, an thatz jist whut I'm aimin at, but keep it mitey dark, ur awl yure naburz'll want tu git in on yore Grownd Flore, an I want it to be yore Grownd flore only. I want yu tu git rich so quick it'll surprise em awl, an maik em wundir whur yu got onto the rackit. Why sez he it wont kost more'n 1 cent a box, an mebby not that, az yu've got lots uv lard to maik it with, an yu git 25 cents a box fur it, an one in 70 'ud be 16 Million round Dollarz, an sez he mebby tha'll by 1 tu 6 boxes apiece, an he run the figgerz up so hi with hiz pencil, that I got lost in numberz an wuz sorto dizzy thinkin abowt it an what a change it 'ud be frum commin Farmin, how Mi naburz heds 'ud swim, an how theyd taik off ther hats an call me Mr. Green instead uv Ivy Green, an how Mirandy 'ud hav her 2 Hoss karriage an so on, an I already felt so big I didn't no if mi wif 'ud no me when we got to the hous. I felt so light like, jist as ef I wuz made uv fetherz, an floatin uperd like, on the top uv a razed umbrella. Yu see I didn't want tu appear 2 anxius, fur fear he mite change his mind, so I tuk my roll uv natural leaf owt very slo an tuk a big chu uv it, (fur I thot I could afford it now sure), an sez I as I put it back Kurnul Shaver, I guess we'll traid. He sed I'd bettur not tell Mirandy even abowt it, az it'd be a site better tu wate ontel the bizness wuz startid an then she wanted a Dress jist to hand her a lot uv munny an tell her to go an by the Dress, an then tu by the baluns uv the goods, Storehous, Storekeeper an awl ef she wantid tu, an Surprize her by sayin, Mirandy yure a Rich


mans wife, an yu may az well no it at wunst az any uther tim. Well et luked tu me that wa then, but Mirandy iz a wuman uv sense an ef I'd a told her then, it'd a saved me a wurld uv wurry sence. But I thot tu surprize her an I did, but not the wa I thot tu do. Well the Kurnil had a reddymade agreement in hiz pockit, an a Pen ful uv Ink too, an he hist changed the ends uv the Pen an shuk it lik, an handid it tu me an I sined it an felt az big az a Giant. He put the $100 in his pockit, an drov the Cow, Steers, an Hogs to the county seat, an sold them on court day an rode the Stallion off. Sez he az he rode awa, Friend Green be sure an go tu the Post offis evri day, as I'll go tu the city an open a Mail offis tellin the merchints whir tha kin git the Cure agin, an direkt you whut cities tu ship it tu, an hoe much at a tim. Well I bin goin tu the Post Offis evry da sense he left, but I haint got no letter yit, an evry body sed I wonder whut Ivy Green's a commin to the offis evri da fur now? He used tu cum only onct a month, but I nevir let on. Mirandy's sez I'm a softhed, an she sez I've got tu pay her Kurnil Shaver's board bill, fur yu see he sed he wuz sich a frend that when he ast fur hiz bill, I sed it wuz nuthin, but Mirandy sez I had no rite tu do that, that it wuz her bizness, not mine, an she told a frend uv herz in konfidense whut a Goose I wuz, an now awl the naburz nose why I went tu the offis so much, an fur so long, an got no letters, an Mirandy sez oftin, she does hoap the boys wont take aftir their Father, an twixt it awl, I feel like I'd give sum frend a Quarter tu kick me so fur own uv the county, I'd nevir git back agin.

Well now, Mr. Squaredeal whut I want yu tu do fur me iz this, I yused up all my last yerz Lard, and haint sold a box uv it yit, (I mean that Corn Cure), an id like yu tu see that Mr. Sherman, an sum uv the uthir Kongrissmen, an let me no at wunst ef tha wont pass a Corn Cure bill, tu maik the Guvermint by so much uv the


Corn Cure evry munth jist the saim az tha bot the SILVER uv the Silver Mine ownerz. It might be tha cud yuze it on the Soljers feet an toze, as tha by ther shoez by contrakt an I xpekt tha don't fit, an make lots uv corns, but, ef tha cud'nt yuse it on the soljerz toze, it'd maik no differense to me, what I want iz the Munny fur the Corn Cure, (Tha cud'nt yuse the SILVER neither, yore book sez,) yit tha kep byin uv the Silver, Now ef yule do this much fur me, an see Mr. Shirman and them othir chaps rite away an let me no Whir an when to ship the Corn Cure, an how much a munth 2 send, Ill go havers with yu on the sale uv it to the Guvermint, an we'll both climb the Rich mans ladder together. Ef tha by Silvir uv them Rich Silvur trusts fur which they've no use, tha certingly shud help owt a poor Farmer (that haz bin tricked az I hav) with his Corn Cure! Say Pleze see abowt it rite away, will u an let me no. Yore true frend,

O Yes! Public Office and
Stock in Silver Mines
for all who will keep
up the Racket for
till we gain a VICTORY!!
Hurry or Good Times will return!!

No DUMB Men wanted here! This is an


OPEN MOUTH game from start to finish. We must array against each other those 2 great friends, Labor and Capital! and keep the People WILDLY EXCITED or they may THINK for THEMSELVES. If they do we're gone, and our PAY'S gone too! Sampson BREAKJAW.


Dear Mr. Squaredeal:
There is but one book being read in this Village now, and that ONE is read, by Men, Women, and Children. It is JACK SQUAREDEAL'S little MONEY PRIMER. It is so PLAIN and Simple the CHILDREN understand it, and it INTERESTS all.

Before that little book came, the Men would snub us Womenfolks when we asked to be informed on Political matters. I find since your Money Primer came, the reason they cut us off so short. It was because they didn't know, themselves, and did it to hide their own ignorance. They own to it now, and are very glad to talk with us, for we all know as much as they do. We know now what "Free Silver" and the "Sherman Bill" means, but we never knew before. Speakers would come and speak at Court Square, and the Market House, and name the "Sherman Bill," but never explained it (perhaps they couldn't). But it's as Plain as Day to us NOW. Now, Mr. Squaredeal, One Question. If Good old UNCLE SAM, (bless him), could buy 4 ˝ Millions of Silver from the Silver Mine Owners every Month, (as your book says), Why can't the dear old soul buy the same amount of our goods too? We are all Native Americans, born right here in this County. I keep a Dressmaker's Bazaar, Mary Jane Ribbons keeps a Millinery Store, and Julia Belle Rosecream keeps a Confectionery, Ice Cream and Soda Water store. Business dull, and collections slow between Crops, but if the Government would buy of the Dress-Makers, Milliners, and Confectioners of


the United States 4 ˝ Million a month, just think what a Boom it would give trade? what angels the Men would have for wives? and the wives wouldn't have to skimp the Grocer's, Butcher's, and Gardener's accounts to save enough (without their Husband's Knowledge,) to get them a plain Dress or Bonnet now and then. Then what Happy mortals we would all be! At Church we would admire each other's Dresses and Bonnets, and we'd be all smiles too. Dear me, What a Sea of Happy Faces it would be! We wouldn't hear a word the Preacher said, and so we could let him go, and save his Salary. The Circumstances would make us as good as we could be without him. Right from the Ice Cream Saloon to Church, and from Church to Pink Soda Water on the way home again. How could we help but be happy? No cross words then. No, indeed. O so happy; why, it would be a Heaven on Earth! A perfect Utopia, indeed.

Now, Dear Mr. Squaredeal, Will you be so kind as to see that Dear Good Man, Mr. SHERMAN, and interest him in behalf of our Business? If he will undertake it I know he will be able to pass the Bill. But see other Congressmen too and get them to help him, so as to get it done quick, and if he can pass the DRESSMAKERS, MILLINERS, and CONFECTIONERS Bill, both you and he can depend upon our United Support, if ever Women's Rights carries, no matter how high the office, how bad the Weather, nor how difficult it is to get to the Polls. We'll be on hand with a host of Friends, you bet. Your most sincere Friends,

P.S. — We'll not only be at the Polls and a host of friends with us, but we'll all talk for you like a flock of Blackbirds in a tree top at harvest time till the Polls close.


Turn Out!
Turn Out!!
Turn Workmen
out of Work!
Turn their
Money into the
Pockets of
Silver Mine

TO THE U.S. BUSINESS DRUMMERS! This is a modest little DRUMMER of SILVER MEN. By PERSISTENT AGITATION, He can break down Business and Credit as fast as you build it up!

(Scene, Tavern Sitting Room.)

Farmer. The Landlord sez you want a place.

Tramp. I do.

F. I want a man.

T. I'm your Man.

F. Well, you've got to begin work at daybreak an work till Dark!

T. I will.

F. You've got to work till I tell you to stop!

T. Yes, sir.

F. You don't git any Meat to eat.

T. I don't care for Meat.


F. You've got to eat in the kitchen!

T. Very well.

F. You've got to sleep in the Barn.

T. Soft Hay is the best bed.

F. Well, now, about the Pay. (Scratching his head.) I'll give you $4 a Month.

T. That'll suit me.

F. Mind, I don't never want any Back talk!

T. I never talk back to my Employer.

F. You've got to treat me with the Greatest respect.

T. I will.

F. When there's any Company around, you've got to take your Hat off!

T. I will, sir.

F. And call me LORD.

T. I will.

F. And My Wife LADY!

T. I will, sir.

F. You've got to treat me with jist az much respect as ef I was President of the United States!

T. I always treat my employer with respect.

F. (Scratching his head again to see ef he'd forgot anything.) Well, I b'lieve that's about all I kin think uv now. O the Pay; I'd like to forgot that.

T. You said you'd give me $4 a Month.

F. Did I? Well, I men't jist HALF uv it. I ment $2 a Month.

T. Well, I won't fuss about $2 a Month. I'll take it.

F. Well, when can you go?

T. Whenever you are ready.

F. Well, I've got some Business to do yet down town an I'll bring my wagon by here at 4 o'clock.

T. You'll find me right here.

Landlord. (To Tramp after Farmer had gone.) What did you let him drive such a hard bargain as that with you for? Why, you agreed to everything he said.

T. Look here, my friend; I'm tired of life;


and he's just the kind uv man I want to give trouble.

The Landlord paid no more attention to it. At 4 o'clock the Farmer drove up to the Tavern door and Halloed! Send that Man out here! Here I am! says the Tramp, and he got in and both rode away together.

The next day the Landlord heard a Hallo! He looked out and said, Hello yourself! What do you want? It was the old Farmer. Sez he, "Why, git the Coroner an a Coffin an come on Quick! That confounded scamp you got me to hire has gone an hung himself in my Granary with the lines uv my Wife's Best Sunday Harness."

When the old Farmer found the man willing to work for $4 a Month, he said he meant just HALF that much; and that is what the Silver Trusts mean when they talk to you about a Double Standard; they mean a HALF Standard, for they know that the Gresham Law would drive the GOLD we have out of the Country, and Free Coinage would be INDIVIDUAL money (No Government Guarantee, as now); hence worth its BULLION value only, of 50 cents or less.


Brother, you look sick!

Yes, I am sick, in body and in spirit. I went to Chicago to attend a family reunion we've bin havin every 4 years. I saw very few of our kinfolks or friends


there, and no family relics at all. All strange, new faces, and a noisy set at that. They were not our family, nor any particular family, but they looked like a job lot of many different families.

Their talk was Red-ish; the air Blue-ish; and the odor Sulphur-ous.

I told them I was there to set up my claim to a portion of the political estate of my great kinsmen. Who wuz he? sez they. Thomas Jefferson, says I. We don't know him nur you, sez they. Then they guyed me, whistled, set up cat calls and yelled "Put him out!" "We don't know him nur hiz kin!" "Take him to the Lock-up!" "He's a Lunatic!" etc. Then a big, rough man, with long, straggling whiskers and a big red nose and face got up and said "I move the old fogy be heard. He may be old rip Van Winkle cum to life agin. He's bin asleep ever sence an don't know silver's in the saddul," an then bedlam broke loose, an they hooted louder than ever. I came away. I tell you, Brother, nothing will stay on my stomach since; sea sickness is nothing to it, and my Heart beats very weak indeed.

Squaredeal. — Judge, I would not have thought there was trouble enough in the world to maintain so many Lawyers.

Judge. — There is not, Mr. Squaredeal; the way the Lawyers keep up is by gambling among themselves; they never let their money get outside of their profession, and that would be our fix, as a people, if the U.S. acted independent of other nations for the Free Coinage of Silver; our money would circulate in the U.S. only, and we couldn't get it to circulate outside of the U.S.

DON'T FORGET — The U.S. is NOW a BI-METALLIC (2 metals) or GOLD and SILVER country. It is on a Gold basis, and has 3 times more money per head than any Free Coinage or Silver Basis Country!


DON'T FORGET — ALL Free Coinage Countries are on a SILVER BASIS.

NO SILVER Countries use Gold as Money.

ALL GOLD Basis Countries DO USE BOTH Silver and Gold as Money.

DON'T FORGET — The U.S. pays higher wages to Labor than any Silver Country on the face of this round world.

Bear in mind that Congress NAMES, but Commerce REGULATES, the value of money!

IGNORANCE. — A Ship had lost her "Reckoning" and flew a Distress Signal. When spoken by another whip they answered WATER! FRESH WATER! WE are DYING for want of FRESH WATER! The Captain replied Dip down your Buckets at the Ship's Side! Your vessel floats in fresh water. You are at the Mouth of the Amazon River. There was More Fresh Water than they could use, and yet they were famishing for want of it. So with Silver, We have MORE than we can Use; yet the Silver Corporations seem Blind to the fact that we are sailing in a SEA of SILVER, and they continue to Shout for More Silver!

NATURE'S LAW. — Seed Sowing precedes (goes before) Harvest; Life precedes Death; without Life, Death cannot occur, because Death ends Life. USE MUST precede DISUSE, or Withdrawal from Use, hence as U.S. Silver Dollars VOLUNTARILY Withdrew from use as Money, (demonetized themselves), in 1840, they could NOT have been "Demonetized," (withdrawn from use), by the U.S. Congress in 1873, they having been OUT of USE of their own accord since 1840, or 33 years before 1873!

PROGRAMME. — The U.S. NOW has, and has had since 1878 BI-Metallism, (2 money metals),


The Silver Trusts yet clamor for "BI-Metallism," They mean BI-Standardism, (2 standards of value). This done, the "GRESHAM LAW" would do the rest. It would in One day or less, drive the dearer GOLD from the country, and the U.S. would have a SINGLE Standard of value again. It would be a DEBASED Standard of Half Value, or less. The Silver Trusts would thus DEMONETIZE GOLD! the BASIS of Money of every Civilized nation on the globe!

PRETTY TOUGH. — The U.S. bought of Silver Owners since 1878, 19,600 TONS of Silver. It is MORE than can be used as Money. This Silver belongs in part to EVERY CITIZEN of the U.S.! WHY? Because the Government is OF the PEOPLE! Having OVERSTOCKED us by forcing the Government through corrupt Legislation to buy this USELESS Silver, the SILVER Trusts now ask the People to vote to set aside Present Laws, and let them, (the Silver Corporations), coin Silver at the PEOPLE'S Mints FREE of ALL COST to them, but at the EXPENSE of the PEOPLE, (the real owners of the U.S. Silver, and Silver Coins). EVERY Silver Dollar we NOW have has COST us to Coin, and yet it will NOT Circulate! Having OVERSTOCKED us with Silver Bullion to Coin Money from, the Silver TRUSTS NOW ask us not only to let them make Silver into Money at OUR Mints, (coin it), FREE, but to let them COMPETE with OUR Money, (the Silver in which has been bought of them), but they ask too, that the GOLD PROP which alone keeps OUR Dollars at PAR Value be taken away, and thus at ONE blow reduce the SILVER, and Silver Bullion we now have, (over 600 Millions), to ONE HALF, (or less), value! WILL we DO IT? Are we


READY to knock down OUR GOLD BULWARK and heave 300 Million Dollars overboard into the SEA for their special benefit? EVERY SENSIBLE Man answers PROMPTLY NO! and answers it LONG and LOUD!

SILVER DOLLARS In definite sums, will be sent to any part of the U. S. PREPAID by the SECRETARY of the TREASURY.


By the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE!!

Every one of the People should be Patriotic enough to take an interest in Public affairs, and try to Perpetuate the LIBERTY our Forefathers achieved and transmitted to us. We should always
so as to vote for SAFE measures.

We should always Heed ARGUMENT, and Reject mere "Stop Over" talk, or mere word display of Demagogues, remembering that
when spoken, but that FACTS, TRUTH, and REASON lead to LIGHT, Light to PEACE and PEACE to PROSPERITY, so acceptable to all.