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Bright Visions.


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After Chaplain.

1. All blind and deaf the soul may be
To God's o'er ruling plan,
And nothing hear and nothing see
Of truth exalting man.
But they who look with curious eye
And list with spirit ear,
Shall see bright visions ever nigh,
And heav'nly music hear.

2. The world of revelation waits
Not very far away;
At ev'ry step we touch the gates
That hide the longed for day.
The mystery that shrouds the walls
Retreats from him who seeks;
And when he to the unknown calls,
The voice of knowledge speaks.

3. The robes of angels trail the clouds
And sweep life's dusty ways;
Each tiny wave of air enshrouds
Some beauty form the gaze
Enshrouds some glorious realm of sight,
And volume sweet of sound;
Unseen, unheard amidst our night,
Is heaven all around.