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Song of Rebuke.

Tune — "The Handwriting on the Wall."

At the gath'ring of the senate
And a hundred banking lords
As they drank from champaign bottles
As the record now records
At the time when they reveled
In the royal white-house hall
Their eternal condemnation
Was written on the wall.

'Twas the hand of God on the wall,
'Twas the hand of God on the wall,
And their record is found wanting,
They never can be trusted,
And that hand is writing on the wall.

See the brave General Weaver,
As he stood before the throng,
And rebuked the two old parties,
For their mighty deeds of wrong;
As he read out the writing
'Twas the doom of one and all;
Their eternal condemnation,
That was written on the wall.

So their deeds are recorded
There's a hand that's writing now,
They had better be repenting,
To the Labor Party bow;
There's a day of retribution,
It will come to one and all,
The execution of the sentence,
That is written on the wall.