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Sailing Down Life's River.


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Mrs. E. R. HUGHS.

1. I am drifting down life's river,
I am drifting with the tide,
And I faintly catch the music,
Music from the other side;
Oft I'm plunged a mid the breakers,
And the billows 'round me roar;
Then I listen for the music,
Music from the other shore.


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We are nearer than we're dreaming
To that bright and happy shore;
We are closer than we're seeming,
Where the shadows fall no more.

2. I am drifting on life's billows,
And its wavelets 'round me roll;
Soon my bark will safely anchor,
In that bright and happy goal.
For I know that shore I'm nearing,
By the purple sunset glow,
By the music that comes stealing,
With its cadence soft and low.


3. Lift, oh lift the misty curtain,
Let the golden sunbeams fall;
Let them chase away the shadows
Hanging darkly on the wall.
Open, open wide the window,
Listen to the music sweet;
Welcome, welcome, joyous music,
Softly now the two worlds meet.