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No. 19. Ring the Bells of Freedom.

Tune — "Ring the Bells of Heaven."

1. Ring the bells of freedom! There is joy today
For a band that's battling for the right.
See the people meet them out upon the way,
Welcoming their weary, wand'ring feet.

Glory! glory! how the people shout!
Glory! glory! how the drums peal out!
'Tis the ransomed labor like a mighty sea,
Pealing forth the anthems of the free.

2. Ring the bells of freedom! there is joy today
For the vict'ry of each noble Knight,
Yes a slave is rescued from the birds of prey,
And the lab'rers hold the ransomed seat.


3. Ring the bells of freedom! there is joy today.
Sisters swell the grand triumphant strain,
Tell the joyful tidings, bear it far away;
Welcome all the true Knights of today.