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Father Dunne Letter to County Commissions Concerning Poor Farm.

St. Mary's Chapel House DeKalb,
27 November 1871

To the Board of Supervisors of DeKalb County

The care of our Catholic poor in the County House requires your immediate consideration. They frequently complain of ill treatment and religious persecution on the part of those who have immediate charge of the house demands an investigation.

I beg gentlemen you will question the poor themselves and individually. The neighbors also in the immediate vicinity will corroborate their statements and show a light on an unfortunate condition of things which I believe is unknown to you and will not be tolerated.

I am,
Your obedient servant
Lawrence Dunne


Communication from L. J. Dunne, Pastor of Catholic Church of DeKalb. Nov. 1871.

Filed Nov. 28, 1871 and referred to Committee on Poor Farm.
W. M. More