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No. 5. Our Cause.


1. Our cause! it is of Thee!
Sweet Cause of Liberty,
Of Thee we sing.
For Thee our fathers died;
For Thee we fight with pride;
For Thee we are allied,
Thy reign to bring.

2. Through ages long gone past.
Through storm and bitter blast,
Our Fathers fought.
Through foul and fair, and shine,
Fought they, the livelong time,
Fought they, in every clime,
And not for naught.

3. From seeds that have been sown,
Strong-rooted plants have grown,
And bloom apace;
Then shall we let them die
In their sweet infancy?
No! Let us strive and try
To increase their race.

4. Now let us emulate,
The olden patriots, great,
And stand for right.
Ne'er let us forget
The example they have set,
And when the end is met.
We'll win the fight.

Charles Chesewright.