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Wages on Saturday Night.



Air: "Rosin the Bow."

Come, friends, let us handle this question,
That lawyers so gingerly touch --
If a nation with healthy digestion
Can have of good money too much?
They tell us that money too loose is --
They tell us that money's too tight --
Just you answer -- that money has uses;
Yes. Wages on Saturday night.

CHORUS: -- Who cares whether paper or metal
Are ours, when this count is all right?
This best way the question to settle,
Is -- Wages on Saturday night.


What's all that great yarn of "Inflation"
That talk about "greenbacks" or "gold?"
Just give me my old occupation --
And don't "keep me out in the cold!"
If "rag money" buys my wife raiment,
I'll welcome such "rags" to my sight --
But what good to me is "specie payment,"
With "nary red" Saturday night?


I just want to ask you, my bankers
And brokers, good financiers all,
When railroads discharge all "us workers,"
If money then comes at your "call?"
And I want to ask Congress to tell us
If merchants find taxes more light
When "store goods" no longer they sell us
For cash down on Saturday night?


Stop talk about "gold" and "inflation" --
Make laws to help citizens all;
Let each man get "work" in this nation,
And wages to come at his call!
You'd better spend billions of greenbacks
Fair work with fair pay to requite --
Than to growl at lank bellies and lean backs --
"No wages on Saturday night!