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Memorial Song.


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1. In mem'ry of our sister dear,
Patrons, we are gathered here,
Planting our memorial tree,
Let it e'er our token be.
Severed are fraternal ties,
She has journeyed to the skies;
Though from home and Grange she's gone,
In our hearts her name is borne,
In our hearts her name is borne.

2. Breath of Spring, or Summer's glow,
Autumn's fruit, or Winter's snow,
All will find this token here,
Emblem of our Order dear,
Ever may we like it be,
Noted for fidelity;
Like it as we onward go,
Broader, purer, better grow,
Broader, purer, better grow.

3. Thou who called those of our band,
To that far off better land,
Guide us as we journey on,
Till our task in life is done.
Upward lead us, as this tree,
Onward till our friends we see,
In that great bright Grange above,
Where is peace and joy, and love,
Where is peace, and joy, and love.