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No. 55. Labor's Chorus.



In the Labor ranks we stand,
Joining earnest heart and hand,
Seeking those who are in sorrow and distress;
Looking forward to the time
When the bells of Freedom chime,
Ringing forth the peal of Victory and Success.

Hail! all hail! ye Sons of Labor,
For our Cause is True and Just;
We are bound to break the chain
That is forging links of pain.
In our strength and wisdom toiling millions trust.

We are workers with a will;
We would in each mind instil
Noble principles, to form of life a part;
Then the future years shall see
Labor's Sons and Daughters free,
While a song of joy thrills every human heart.

Capital has had the rule,
Used the people as a tool;
But the time is coming when when this wrong shall cease,
For our army is strong.
It is marching right along
To the day of righteous settlement and peace.

E. A. Bacon.