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No. 35. The Kansas Fool.


1. We have the land to raise the wheat,
And everything that's good to eat;
And when we had no bonds or debt,
We were a jolly, happy set.

Oh! Kansas fool! poor Kansas fool!
The banker makes of you a tool;
I look across the fertile plain,
Big crops — made so be gentle rain;
But twelve cent corn gives me alarm,
And makes me want to sell my farm.

2. With abundant crops raised everywhere,
'Tis a mystery, I do declare;
Why, farmers all should fume and fret,
And why we are so deep in debt.


3. At first we made some money here.
With drouth and grashoppers each year;
But now the interest that we pay
Soon takes our money all away.


4. The bankers followed us out west,
And did in mortgages invest;
They looked ahead and shrewdly planned,
And soon they'll have our Kansas land.


C. S. Whitney.