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No. 83. Dear Brother.

Tune: Gospel Hymn 240.

Why do you wait dear brother?
Why cling to ould Party so strong?
They have doen nothing to aid you,
Though they've been in power so long.

Why not! Why not!
Why not come to us now?

What do you hope for dear brother?
What, the reward at last?
Doe you think they will aid you in future.
And more than they have in the past.

Do you not feel dear brother
That old parties are going astray?
Then, why not join our Union
And help check monoplies sway.

Oh! do not wail dear brother,
The time is passing away —
A mortgage is due on the homestead,
Which the banker will call for some day

The lawyers will tell you dear brother,
That the nation can't run without brain.
And you must vote with old paries
And stand with the gamblers of grain.

But history tells us dear brother,
That Englands oppressive hand
Forced our toiling Fore-fathers,
To make the grand laws of our land.