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No. 34. Alliance Song.


Alice B. Kent.

1. Oh! Farmer, come and join our band,
We'll gladly take you by the hand
And do you all the good we can,
For this is called a Freedom Land.

Oh? Farmer, now, stand by your vow,
Stick fast unto your farm and plow;
Monopolies we must put down,
And then we're bound to win the crown.
For equal rights we do implore:
That's all we ask, and nothing more.

2. Railroads now are all the go,
Vote the bonds and they will show;
They'll build the road where'er they please,
And now they're living at their ease.


3. The day is drawing fast at hand
When we'll wheel the mighty van;
Make Freedom ring throughout the land,
And then we'll be a happy band.


4. At first we number very small,
But fast the farmers heed the call;
From Texas' plain the Northern land,
United now, we're bound to stand.