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No. 59. The Alliances are Coming.


C. S. White. Copyrighted and used by permission of "The S. Brainard's Sons Company."

1. Don't you hear the bankers,
Squealing over yonder,
Where the grand old parties congregate,
But never you be frightened —
They have lost their power,
And the Alliance, now, will seal their fate.

Look out there now!
We are going to vote!
Look out there; don't you understand;
The Alliances are coming!
The Alliances are coming!
They are going to occupy the land.

2. Away out on the prairie,
In the state of Kansas;
That is where they raise the corn and wheat;
But the festive mortgage —
Robbed them of their earnings;
And it left them scarce enough to eat.


3. Don't you see the people,
Rising over yonder,
Like they're going to have a jubilee;
But they are only going —
To the Alliance meeting,
That will shortly make them rich and free.


4. It is the trusts we're fighting,
And they begin to tremble,
They see us organize the land;
So they cuss the farmers,
And they call them traitors,
Because we raise them to a warning hand.