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People's Ticket Resolutions.

1st. Resolved. That we, the Peoples Convention of Cowley County, assembled, are in favor of legislation in the interest of the producing classes, and against all special legislation in favor of the wealthy classes. We want the government, nation, state and county so administered that the producing classes shall have a just reward for their labor.

2nd. That as citizens of Cowley County, irrespective of national, state and county political affiliations, we are opposed to all trusts and monopolies, especially the Winfield Office Trust, the stock of which seems to be owned by a very select few.

3rd. That we are unalterably opposed to ring domination in the selection of candidates for public offices, or to any other means by which the desires of the masses are ignored, and the dictates of corrupt schemes forced; upon the people in the guise of loyalty to party.

4th. That we are in favor of legislation tending to reduce the salaries of county officers to a sum commensurate with the earnings of other avocations having the same responsibility.

5th. That we regard with much pleasure and cordial approval the organization known as the Farmers Alliance, and that we most sincerely desire to see them successful in their effort toward self protection against the encroachments or avaricious or heartless monopolies.

6th. That we heartily endorse and commend the actions of Postmaster General Wannamaker in his efforts to establish cheap telegraph facilities.