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The Husbandman's Welcome.


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Theme from BISHOP.

1. Brothers, your industry tells of your worth,
All of your labors and efforts stand forth,
Faithful to pledges in honor sincere,
We from our hearts now would welcome you here,


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And e'en as husbandmen noble and true,
Ties of the brotherhood now shall bind you,
Take ye the pledge? Ye receive it, control
Mind, hands and heart the blest home of the soul.

2. Brothers, as husbandmen now we greet you,
Faith, hope and charity still keep in view,
Ever look up, trust in God, who'll provide
For those who still in his counsels abide,
We sow the seed but the harvest his hand
Scatters a broad o'er our beauteous land,
Loyal to God, to our country and friends,
We may rejoice in the good that he sends.

3. And as the fragrance of blossoms at even,
May our kind deeds waft an incense to heav'n,
Always a friend to the young that we meet,
Guiding in safety their innocent feel,
Leading the aged in love by the hand,
Lo! they are nearing the beautiful stand.
Brothers, as husbandmen noble and true,
We in fidelity now welcome you.