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1. O'er the valley and the mountain,
When the hush of evening falls,
As we linger by the fountain,
Mem'ry's treasures we recall,
Friends we loved in childhood's morning,
Who have journeyed from our side,
Now to distant climes have wandered,
And amid new scenes abide.

2. Mem'ries of the friends we cherished,
In the happy long ago,
Father, mother, sister, brother,
In the tender twilight glow,
Those dear friends so long departed,
Ever in our hearts remain,
Tho' the blossoms gleam above them,
In the sunshine and the rain.

3. When the twilight shadows deepen,
And the night draws on a pace,
Nearer seems that last sweet greeting,
When is closed life's weary race,
In the silence hushed we listen,
For the voices heard no more,
Knowing we shall meet our loved ones,
On that blissful heav'nly shore.