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Emily Huntington Miller.
Arr. by W. H. Monk.

1. Before our homes, whose holy light
At God's own altar fires were born.
We stand in love's undaunted might,
That smiles at doubt and fear and scorn.

2. O Thou whose presence shone with dread,
To guard Thine ancient temple's shrine,
Lest some polluted foot should tread,
With soiling touch, the courts divine,

3. Descend again, to rest above
Our Holy Place, lest faith grow dim;
And set about our ark of love
The brooding wings of cherubim.

4. We ask not for the flame that broke
Forth at Thy prophet's stern command,
Nor for the swift avenging stroke
That smote, of old, the impious band.

5. Open your eyes, that we may know
Thy shining hosts encamping near,
And, through the threatenings of the foe,
Thine angel's trump of victory hear.