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Vote the Greenbackers In.


Air -- "Mulligan Guards."

We crave your condescension,
While we tell you a thing or two
About the thieving Bullionists,
And what we mean to do.
Extravagance and corruption
Have ruled us long enough,
The People have taken the job in hand,
And they mean to cut up rough.

Then come, boys, come, make haste to crowd the polls
The Greenback tide, it rises and it rolls;
The thieves and the rogues will have to hunt their holes,
When we vote, vote, vote all the Greenbackers in.


We want to save the country,
And pay the people's debt,
And so bring Greenbacks up to par,
As good as gold, you bet.
Extravagence and corruption
We've taken by the throat,
And the righteous cause of the Greeenback men
Will gain the People's vote


We want to rout the rascals
And bring the country back
To justice and to honesty
On the good old Greenback track.
Thus shall the times grow better
And plenty shall return.
And Labor's wheels shall whirl again,
And the Furnace Fires burn.