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Ida B. Wells on Ex-President Harrison.

Relative to his recent article on lynching, part of which appeared in our last issue, she says: "It is well to read such strong words from the man who has once occupied the presidential chair and in such an influential journal. The colored people of this community cannot forget Mr. Harrison's tacit encouragement of lynching while he was yet president. His cold reception of the delegation of colored men that waited on him, his reply to their appeal that he could do nothing — his hands were tied—his neglect to even send a letter expressing his protest of this evil to an anti-lynching meeting in Washington after promising to do so, were all construed to mean that his sympathies were with the mob. The mob has become so encouraged by such encouragement that it is disgracing the country. Ex-President Harrison sees it is time to speak and has done so strongly. Had he done this three years ago the country would have been better for it, public sentiment would have been stronger, and American Christianity have fewer stains against its good name. Let the good work go on."