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EDITOR MERCURY: — Some time has elapsed since I have communicated to your columns, but becoming somewhat restless concerning the buildup of the central Exchange, I have concluded to usurp a small space and ask the good Alliance men of the state to be up and doing. I can see no other way for the Exchange to become a power and exceedingly useful to the order unless we the recipients of its benefits will rally to her support and give her the required capital. It is not far distant until we will want to handle coffee by the cargo, salt by the train load, wagons by the thousand, bagging by the million yards, and everything else in proportion; and if we pay up the central stock required by the central head, the departments over the state can be supplied with these articles and farmers over the state can reach the benefits through her channels. Look at the saving you have already achieved in the way of wagons — at least ten thousand dollars have been saved by that contract alone, and all others in proportion to the bulk of the purchase; and if the economy is what we need, you will readily see that it would be the highest mark of economic principles for us to pay up the $50,000 and give our good manager a chance to consummate the work.

Some time since I made a proposition through the columns of THE MERCURY, that I would be one of 500 to take one full share in the central Exchange. I still stick to it, and I will do better if necessity requires. It does not seem right for a few men to bear the brunt of the battle. But I reckon martyrs are still fashionable and will always be as long as the blood of Adam flows through our veins. A sober thought on the grand principle of business we are trying to achieve, ought to arouse every Alliance man in the state to throw his mite to her commands. We do not speak idly when we say these things can be accomplished, nor do we flatter when we say there is no second Dr. Macune, nor do we overestimate when we say that the present board is one of the best in the state to supervise and look out for our interests as Alliance men. I would like to hear through THE MERCURY the names of Alliance men who will come in the $500 call.

T. J. Cox.