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The River of Time.


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Arr. By J. L. O.

1. We are drifting today on the river of time,
A-down thro' life's flowery vale,
And our songs are as blithe as the song of the birds
That sing in the green leafy vale.
We hear the waves break on the rude jutting rocks,
And we love their low murmuring rhyme,


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But we have not a fear as we guide our frail bark
Down the beautiful river of time.

Beautiful river, Oh, murmuring river,
Thy song with our voices still chime,
While life, like a dream, goes drifting away,
On the beautiful river of time.

2. Along thy wild shores are the loved and the lost,
Whose barks were o'erwhelmed in the tide;
We drop sorrow's tear o'er the lives that went down
As o'er thy blue waters we glide.
Away thro' the vale, the magical vale,
We catch strains of music sublime,
And we know we are nearing the city of light,
Oh, marvelous river of time.


3. Down, down on the river, the sun-lighted river,
When life and its longings are past,
We will fold in our sail from the storm and the gale
And float in that city at last.
Oh, keep a brave heart, stand, stand to the helm
When wild storms of sorrow oppress;
Be steady, be firm, keep an eye on the light,
For time is the river of death.