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Beautiful Golden Somewhere.


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From "Silvery Chimes."

1. O we sing the glad songs of an Eden of love,
A land of eternal bloom,
Of a city so bright with a beautiful light,
Where there is no grief or gloom;
O we know not the place where this city is built,
But hope all at last may be there,


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To join the glad songs which the ransomed shall sing,
In the beautiful golden Somewhere.

O beautiful golden Somewhere,
Where all is bright and fair,
O we long to behold thee and join the glad songs,
In the beautiful golden Somewhere.

2. There are flowers immortal that bloom in that land.
To sorrow and care unknown,
There's river of life giving water that flows
From the beautiful golden throne;
There are thousands of angels all glorious and bright,
Who dwell in that country so fair,
And swell the glad songs that shall burst on the ear,
In the beautiful golden Somewhere.