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No. 57. The Old Republican Party.


1. Old, venerable and time-tried party,
Thou hast served us faithful and long;
But the maladies you have been raising,
For the people are getting too strong.
We could once recommend you with pleasure,
And point to your record with pride;
But Monopoly handles your rudder —
All good things within you have died.

2. Your actions were upright and honest,
Both during and after the war;
But the course you have taken of late years
A decent man can not but abhor;
Your leaders, like Abraham Lincoln,
Have retired or been called away.
Millionaires who would own our whole country,
Have the lines and are driving full sway.

3. You're deaf to the wants of the masses,
To the people you no longer cling;
Our bankers have led you to ruin
You are run by the Syndicate Kings.
You are daily becoming much weaker —
The reason your leaders reveal,
That the rich man is growing much richer —
From the poor men your law-makers steal.

4. "Small fry" would beswallowed by codfish —
The codfish would slip down the whale;
Honest men who have fought for the Union
Would their homes and their country bewail.
You can no longer keep us in serfdom,
For the people have opened their eyes;
In the next Presidential election
We will give you another surprise.