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No. 13. My Experience.

Air: "Just before the Battle Mother."

1. Just before the battle mother,
I was full of joy and glee,
I had hoped to marry, mother,
And content and happy be.

I mistrusted — yes mistrusted,
That some one would get my due;
So, then, I investigated,
And I found my fears were true.

2. A query now, I find within you,
Asking me to tell it all;
It's the fight of life I mention,
Of the toiling masses all.


3. We are asked to toil and labor,
And to Shylock give it all;
I thought strange that we who labor
Should be clothed and fed so small.


4. Shylock is a hard taskmaster,
And I do not love his way,
For he has a mortgage plaster
On the house I claim today.


Augusta, Kas.

Fortune knocks once at every man's door, but she don't go hunting through beer saloons for him if he happens to be out. — Puck.

A modest little home, where love and affection abide, is the happiest spot on earth. When the poor, tired man returns to his home, after his day's labor is done, and is met at the door by a cheerful, loving wife, his cup of joy is full.