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No. 21. The Orphan Song.

Tune: "The Orphan."

"No home; no home," said the little girl,
As she stood at the rich man's door,
As she tremblingly stood on the polished step,
And leaned on the marble wall.

Her clothes were thin, and her feet were bare,
And the snow had covered her head,
"Oh! give me a home and something to wear —
A home and a piece of bread.

"My father, also, I never knew,"
And the tears dimmed her eyes so bright,
"While my mother sleeps in a new-made grave,
'Tis an orphan that begs to-night."

The night was dark, and the snow fell fast.
And the rich man shut his door.
With a frown on his brow, he scornfully said:
"No home, no bread, for the poor.

"I must freeze," she said, " upon this step,
As she strove to cover her feet
With her old tattered dress, all covered with snow,
Yes, covered with snow and sleet.

The rich man slept on his velvet couch,
And dreamed of his silver and gold,
While this little girl lay on a bed of snow
And murmured, "so cold, so cold."

When morning dawned, this little girl
Still lay at the rich man's door,
But her soul had fled to that land above,
Where there's room enough for the poor.

Miss Winnie Johnson.