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No. 67. Greenbacks the Money for Me.


Arr. by J. C. J.

1. My money is all out of pocket,
I'm poorer than ever before;
I wonder what can be the matter —
I'll ask the fellow next door;
He's always been trying to tell,
But ne'er would I list to this scheme;
I've tho't him exceedinly crawly,
For this is forever his theme.

Bring back, bring back,
Bring back my dollar to me, to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Bring back that dollar for me.

2. I've been in to see the old fellow,
Who's always claimed that he knew
Why 'twas that the rich all grow richer,
While poorer and poorer we grew.
I listened, and listened, and listened;
He talked thro' the whole evening long;
I learned a good deal worth the knowing
I've come home a singing a song.


3. He told me some things about money
I never had thought of before —
It's all a creation of fiat,
And made by our government men,
He talked of those National Bankers,
And how to grow rich they had found;
They say, "We want gold single standard."
And gold is too scarce to go round.


4. He told me about the bondholders,
And railroad and telegraph men,
With lots more than I can't remember,
I'm going to see him again,
And find some more about money
And landlords who gets rents so high;
And Shylocks who interest gather,
Regardless of poverty's cry.