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No. 72. A Mortgaged Farm.



Near our sod-house on the farm
We are working hard today;
And we wonder when the better times will come;
And our hearts so heavy grow,
For the mortgage we must pay.
If we have for our dear little ones a home.

On, on, on, the day is coming,
When the times shall better grow;
When monopolies must die,
And the Trusts must all break up,
And we'll have no mortgage on the farm, we know.

To this Western State we came,
When our hearts were light and free:
And we thought the world we could surely face;
But the times were very hard,
And no money could we see,
So a mortgage on the farm we had to place.

So upon our Kansas farm,
We are watching for the day,
Which is slow, but most surely drawing near,
When for grain we shall get more,
And the mortgage we can pay.
And we'll have a home for those we hold so dear.