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National Greenback and Labor Banner.


Air: "The Gathering Hosts."

We'll gather from the East and from the West;
We'll rally from near and from far;
We'll raise Greenbacks and Labor from disgrace --
We are coming prepared for the war.

CHORUS: -- Then lift up the banner on high!
That glorious old banner so true;
Well fight beneath its colors till we die,
Then hurrah for the red, white and blue.

For labor and for honesty we'll shout!
We'll gather by day and by night,
And echoes loud resound throughout the land
For the Greenback, the truth and the right.


Our taxes shall be lessened full one-half:
Our industries shall run as of yore.
Money shall be plenty for bus'ness in this land
And all will be happy once more.


Let Bullionists repeat the old and stale war-whoop,
Shout rag baby, or anything they can,
We are bound to put the honest men in power!
And turn out the thieves to a man.