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I Dreamed of Home.


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1. I dreamed of home last night, and stood
Once more within its hallowed walls,
And saw the friend of early years
As gathered in its sacred halls.
I joined the group that sits at eve
Around the bright and cheerful hearth,


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And sang again the solemn hymns
That raise the soul above the earth.

I dreamed (I dreamed) of thee,
My childhood's home;
Long have I wandered from thy halls;


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I dreamed (I dreamed) of thee, no more to roam,
I stood within thy honored walls.

2. I dreamed of home ere toil and care
Had cankered o'er the joys of youth,
Ere sorrow's darkn'ing shade was there,
And hope was bright with love and truth.
I felt, as when a little child,
My mother's hand with fondling care;
As sweet and low, in accents mild,
She taught my lips the youthful prayer.


3. I dreamed of home when sunny hours
Went winding up the hill of years,
And all the path was strewn with flow'rs,
And life was still unwet with tears.
I dreamed — but visions will not stay
And summer days of youth are o'er,
And I have wandered far away,
The songs of home to hear no more.

I dreamed (I dreamed), I dreamed (I dreamed) of thee, my home;
I dreamed (I dreamed), I dreamed (I dreamed) of thee, my home.