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The Greenback is Moving On.


A Paraphrase on "The World is Moving On."

A song, a song, to day for those who meet the fray,
When Greenbacks struggle with the might;
A cloud of error's reign is beckoning from the plain,
And brave hearts battle for the right.

Oh, the Greenback's moving on; The Greenback's moving on
From lowland and from valley at mountain top to rally;
The battle bow is strung, the banner is unflung,
And giant bonds no more are strong, for the Greenback's moving on.

The truth in durance long are coming forth with song,
The people catch the swelling cry --
Oppression, crime and greed, and superstition's creed,
Will be stricken, driven out to die.


Then shout and sing again the new great Greenback strain,
That ushers in the rising day;
The coming ages wait at Freedom's Greenback Gate,
And brave hearts throng along the way.